Advertising on Google Display Network & YouTube

The GDN serves 1 trillion impressions every month.

More than 3 billion display ads take place in Google Display Network... every month!

- Ads are served amongst 2+ million websites, which include branded sites (65% of comScore’s top 200 websites are served by the GDN). - Youtube (#1 video platform in the world) - Gmail (#1 email service provider in the world)

in the form of text ads, banner ads and video ads.

90% of Internet users can be reached via advertising on the Google Display Network.

TV was yesterday

The era of television is over. Online advertising via the Google Display Network (YouTube ads included) allows us to brand your business for a fracture of the cost, with the most precise targeting options, whilst being highly measurable, allowing us to account for every marketing Euro spent.

millennials are 2X more likely to be focused while watching video on mobile than while viewing it on TV. To them, mobile isn't the second or third screen. It's the first. (Source: Google and IPSOS)

Imagine you could advertise extremely targeted to any audience that suits your business: men between 18-24, women interested in online shopping of shoes, foodies, fashion people, cinema lovers , engineers.

And that you could show them your text, banner or video ad right at the Webpage where they are reading a relevant post. Or as a pre-roll video ad on YouTube before a related video.

Now entertain the thought of only paying for that video-ad if your potential customer watches your video for its whole duration. If he skips the ad after 5 seconds, you don’t pay a dime. If he is exposed for 20 seconds to it, you still don’t have to pay anything. Free publicity.

Would you ever imagine such possibilities during the television-era?

Advertising on Google’s Display Network with iTrust

We have the expertise to bring real, business results for your brand by getting you in front of thousands of potential customers which you could not reach until now. The long term collaborations we have with our clientele are proof that what we do, works.

Our team of Google certified AdWords specialists run local and international campaigns with great results for their clients. Taking advantage of the benefits of online advertising on the Display Network and YouTube advertising we generate awareness for our clients' products and services, support higher seasonal demand and new product launches.

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