Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Streams of high quality traffic sound like a dream for your business? We can do more than that!

iTrust is a leading Search Marketing Agency.

What is SEO, you ask? Here’s what you got wrong…

  • You believe that SEO is only for large brands, with proven success over the years and heavy presence offline? Wrong! Just ask
  • You think that SEO can only work for lead generation brands and not for eCommerce? Wrong! can state the exact opposite.
  • You stand by the opinion that Search Engine Optimization can only benefit brands in specific industries and can’t work for your niche?Wrong! Who would have thought that B2B construction needs SEO? ISOMAT did.
  • Heck, you’ve been told and been convinced that Search Engine Optimization can’t work without buying backlinks from large domains? Wrong! is living proof.
  • Investing in SEO servicescan’t work for you, because “your customers don’t search for your product/service in a search engine”? Wrong! At least Beethoven Klinik understood that.
Need we go more?

No matter how “big” or “small” your brand is, be it a local business, a large insurance corporation, an eCommerce store or a medical clinic, SEO can be the driving force for exponential business growth. That’s what we strive and put all our efforts for. What if we told you, that:
  • You can have high quality traffic to your website, year-long
  • You can achieve increased brand presence in the search engines
  • You can amplify your brand authority in your industry
  • You can create and establish a powerful, new acquisition channel for your brand
Would that be something you’re looking for? Your digital marketing strategy can do better!
  • You’re already investing thousands to cover visibility and maintain brand presence
  • For your brand to grow, you need to invest even more on paid advertising
  • You can only grow and progress by increasing advertising spend
  • You have just one (or two) acquisition channel, from where you drive traffic and sales
Being in any of these situations hinders your brand growth and limits (if it doesn’t totally eliminate) the growth rate.
Taking advantage of Search Engine Optimization can really turn the tide, when it comes to your main goal; Growing your business.

4 reasons SEO projects fail - and how we can help you avoid them

Truth is, we know what makes a successful SEO strategy that yields long-term results for a business. We’ve achieved astounding successes on our projects in Greece, Germany and the UK, to back that up. We also know what can make a project go downhill. Even when most SEO agencies can’t sort it out. Based on our experience, these are the 4 most common steps failed SEO projects lack:
  • Figuring out the appropriate content strategy for their industry
  • Creating & implementing a technical SEO strategy
  • Aligning the SEO strategy with business goals
  • Hiring an SEO agency with proven track record and expertise on Search Engine Optimization
  Now, having your brand’s SEO strategy face one of these issues is something no one wishes for. That’s why we’re here.

Who doesn’t want high quality traffic, leads and sales year-long?

What if we told you that we can not only make sure that your brand won’t fall into the 4 potential failing reasons? What if we also told you that working with us for your brand’s SEO, you can:
  • Grow your traffic and sales/leads, without having to increasingly invest more in advertising
  • Build your brand presence in the SERPs, covering all your important commercial terms, bringing business results long-term
  • Stand out from your competition and be there when your ideal customers search for you or your product/service
  • Create an additional (or main) sales channel, driving traffic and sales efficiently and long-lasting
Does that sound like music to your ears? Well, that’s the case with every brand we work with.

Sure, but why trust you?

First of all, it’s part of our name (just kidding - or are we?). Here’s 4 facts about us:
  1. We’re not in the business of selling ranks; Even though we kick ass at hitting the highest rankings.
  2. No matter how you call it, we’re the ones for the hard cases, the tough nuts to crack. OTAs, eCommerce stores in competitive markets, healthcare, international law, B2B. You name it.
  3. We are always on the forefront of the evolution of Search, always innovating With a long history of organic successes since 2006, we have proven ourselves a leader in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.
  4. Our work has been consistently recognised and awarded by the Greek eCommerce Association (GRECA). Since 2015, we have been receiving distinctions in the e-volution awards for our SEO work with various projects nominated, from medical clinics to OTAs and from insurance to eCommerce stores.
But don’t take our words only. We feel you. Nothing speaks louder for an SEO agency than its clients and the results it has brought to them. Don’t listen to us, see what our clients have to say:
“Initially we’ve teamed up with iTrust for SEO. Seeing first-hand their expertise on all things digital, we knew that implementing an end-to-end digital strategy with them was the sensible thing to do. We’re excited to be on board on this unlike -any- other journey!” Kornilios Theodoridis, CEO,, tel: +30 2310 567 750
“Our target demographic is female and rather young women with strong concerns about their hair’s health and style. Through Search Engine Optimization and content marketing, we tapped onto these needs and the results were mind-blowing; our online sales increased and people now consider an opinion leader when it comes to hair care and the latest hair trends.” Stratos Katsamboukas, Senior Hair Expert, CEO, , tel: +30 2310 423 873
“Switching to digital-first marketing strategy with a primary focus on SEO proved to be the most lucrative decision we’ve made in the last 10 years. We now know that offline advertising could never offer us the targeting and measurability of online marketing. I believe that new technologies aren’t a silver bullet. You need an agency that shares your passion and ambitions.” Georgios Christopoulos, CEO & Medical Director, Beethoven Klinik, tel: +49 221 67784950

Oh, and one more thing…

Working with us for your brand’s SEO, you get a lot more than an organic traffic report and a technical audit once a month. No one can promise results, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and the ones who do can’t live up to them - heck, most of the time those who promise results can’t even map out a strategy to achieve them. Our greatest asset in every partnership is commitment. And we’re highly skilled on the technical level, sure. The end goals we strive for you will always be to:
  • Turn your brand in a multi-dimensional business, with multiple, well-formed & established streams of traffic, leads, sales.
  • Bring an incremental uplift in traffic & overall growth, completely detached from advertising spend
  • Create & nurture a powerful channel for overall brand growth & expansion
And we don’t just stop there.

Yes, i want to make SEO part of my business’ marketing mix. What’s next?

We believe that you, too, can now understand the value of having SEO as a part of your digital marketing. Like any strategy with goals, it needs planning and experience for it to work.

And that’s our biggest skill. We’re multi-awarded, with proven track record in multiple industries.

We stand out from the rest; We bring value to your brand and go all-in for its success.

Let’s take this step together; Click on the contact button below or here and fill in the contact form to schedule a meeting and start planning a tailor-made SEO strategy that satisfies your brand’s needs and meets your goals.

Once received, we will get back to you to arrange the date and time that fits your schedule, as well as the preferred way of meeting (be it a call conference, an e-call or a face-to-face meeting).

One year from today you will  certainly arrive. The question is where? That is your decision to make right now. Here’s the tough truth you probably already know. If you want different results, you need to do something different. Make definitive decision right now to get different results.  
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