Dimitra studied Business Administration at University of Macedonia. Like many of her contemporaries, at first she was at a loss as to which career path to pursue. That’s why she decided to choose a field that would match her character. 

An artistic personality that better expresses herself through several kinds of art like drawing, photography, dancing and many more. A person that loves having things organized. Someone with a special interest in psychology and the way it affects people’s decision making. All these different things made her choice a hard process. Until she found a department that combined these things in its own way. 

During her study years, she wanted to be something more than a common student. Thirsty for discovering new things during the fabled student life, she started volunteering. That was through this that she acquired invaluable skills and practically learnt how marketing works.

After completing this journey, she knew she didn’t want to stop there. So she became a blogger for a well-known nonprofit organization. That was exactly when she first stumbled upon the digital world and terms like SEO, which she loved. In her internship she had the chance to professionally fling herself into digital marketing and love it even more. And just like that she ended up being  a member of the digital marketing team in iTrust, where she puts into practice in the best way possible everything she has managed to learn. 

“SEO is a race, not a sprint.” Neil Patel