Eva strongly believes that in order to achieve your dreams you must turn them into goals. Convert them into measurable goals by planning how to achieve them. And that’s what she’s been trying to do all these years!

Through her master’s degree in International Business, digital marketing got under her skin. Then, she decided that this was the area she would be pursuing the rest of her life. She understood that “digital” is the future of all businesses worldwide and she definitely wanted to be a part of it.

As a member of our team, Eva always has a fresh perspective to whatever project she is undertaking. She gets easily bored and after she has achieved a goal, she is already looking for the next one!

In her spare time she travels as musch as she can, or she bakes (-and then eats whatevers she is baking).

Why look back and ask, WHY? Look ahead and ask, WHY NOT? Neil Patel