Mostly known as the foreign girl who returned home after studying abroad, to pursue her dream of settling in Greece. Usually referred to as the greek girl in Germany or the german girl in Greece. In fact, there is no such separation as she carries both worlds within her, no matter where she happens to be. Despite the unfavorable market conditions, her vision was very specific: to find a place of work that suits her dual identity and combines both, in her hometown Thessaloniki.

Unlikely, they told her. And yet the hassle of searching has borne fruit.

At iTrust she found the perfect combination. As a member of our German Department, she can now use her  language skills ​​and intercultural knowledge on a daily basis, both at SEO Copywriting, as well as in the excellent communication and service of our German clients. She undertakes projects, develops digital strategies and provides the necessary know-how to manage further german needs.