Maria studied Applied Informatics at the University of Macedonia. During her studies, she acquired experience about promoting and further develop the science of informatics, with special emphasis on the development of sustainability and innovation in enterprises.

In between, she had an Erasmus experience in the Management Information Systems Faculty at the University of Warsaw. There she had the pleasure of meeting Multinational Managers! An amazing chance that provides her with a great deal of valuable information about companies’ operating systems. Therefore, she realized that Digital Marketing is the key to success!

After her multicultural experience, she focused mainly on new technologies like “Internet of Things” and “Gamification”, which gave her an insight view on Digital Marketing. In collaboration with her partners, she completed her undergraduate thesis on “Internet of Things & Agriculture”. They created a prototype robot plant, “Smart PLANTi” that combines the two innovative technologies that she so loves so much.

As a recent graduate, she involved in various activities aiming to evolve as a Digital marketer. She attended Google’s seminars on Digital Marketing and completed seminar on CMS WordPress. Nowadays, she is part of iTrust’s digital team where she can learn and put into practice the best and most innovative practices about marketing.

 You have to learn the rules of the game. And then…play better than anyone else. – Albert Einstein