Marilia was just 1.5 years old when she held a pencil in her hands for the first time and started drawing. So, it came as no surprise when 21 years later she graduated from the school of Fine Arts.

At some point in the early ’00s, she started using digital in her artistic work. Marilia’s  passion is to create works that make people go “Oh, what a masterpiece!”

This is why she is attentive to every detail no matter how insignificant it might be to the untrained eye. As a result, her work manages to combine functionality with aesthetic perfection.

She’s obsessed with Arts and she loves minimal design and the vaporwave-culture. If you look close enough you’ll notice how Renaissance, the Industrial Age and modern waves in Art & Culture influence her digital work.

In her limited free time she loves to photograph the stars, paint, read scientific books and go to the cinema.

It might sound cliché, but one day, she wants to make the world a better place.

“The Earth without Art is just ‘Eh’.”
— Mysterious Anonymous