Mary studied Political Sciences in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In the final year of her studies she was looking for the next challenge and the idea of moving to the U.K. seemed like the perfect opportunity. Therefore, she decided to move to London and study for her Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management at King’s College London.


While she was living in London, she enjoyed communicating with people from different cultural backgrounds as well as travelling, practicing photography and exploring social media. A year later, she started working as a Programmatic Activation Graduate at Omnicom Media Group UK. This position was her first introduction to the field of advertising and digital marketing. She started by learning the fundamentals of advertising as well as programmatic. She also worked as a Senior Programmatic Executive at Publicis Media Group and as she developed in the field, she realised that the media world was the perfect match for her character.


Her life in London was amazing and full of experiences but she was still thinking of moving back to Greece and specifically back to her favourite city, Thessaloniki. In iTrust, she found the perfect combination. She managed to apply the knowledge she already acquired in digital marketing while learning new aspects of the field and living in her favourite city.


In her spare time, she enjoys taking photos of her favorite scenery, reading books about crime and discovering new pop-rock music.