Polina’s fascinated with digital communication. And the myriad ways it can touch the heart through authentic stories.

She’s humbled by the power of words & aesthetics to stir emotions and prompt people to act; whether that’s joining a noble cause, calling your mom more often or buying the latest smartphone.

But above all, she’s obsessed with user psychology; the big WHYs. Why users share, why users engage and why they buy. Or don’t.

Behind stiff KPIs, flamboyant conversion rates and ROI,  is the user.

So, she’s there to make sure, we always put user motivation front and center in our strategy, in our campaigns, in our optimization frameworks.

The digital cult is her second home and Polina is at the sweet intersection of how new creative ideas and digital tools can put a smile on our clients’ faces.

When’s she’s not reading about the latest updates on the tools she uses, she’s tweeting about them and when that’s done, she turns every get-together with her friends into a user experience survey. ‘Cause, when you live and breathe digital, you’re never truly off the grid.