Success Story

Feed Your Wanderlust

One of the dearest projects we’ve had the joy of working on is Airshop, an all-in-one travelling, accommodation, and event booking agency. Now fasten your seatbelts. We’re taking off.

Best Prices

for top destinations

Welcome On Board: Adventure Awaits

iTrust was there from step one. Entering the cut-throat industry of e-ticketing meant that visibility is the No.1 goal and No.1 challenge. An SEO audit and SEO instruction later, the in-house development team of AirShop started redesigning and developing what’s without a doubt the most sleek, user-friendly booking website we’ve ever seen. And boy, we’ve seen a lot. Building a robust SEO foundation upon which the entire project was established on was a monumental feat which ensured that during the digital takeoff everything would fall into place.

The Goal

Becoming youth’s go-to travelling hub

Our integrated digital marketing project covers marketing automation, conversion rate optimization and growth hacking, the three pillars essential for making AIRSHOP the go-to digital portal for young people thirsty for new experiences, more adventure and extreme fun. With these practices in our luggage we’re taking of to the land of brand awareness and market share increase. It’s going to be wild.


Marketing Automation
Conversion Rate Optimization
Content Marketing
Growth Hacking
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Build Brand Awareness
Increase Market Share
Drive Online Sales

Initially we’ve teamed up with iTrust for SEO. Seeing first-hand their expertise on all things digital, we knew that implementing an end-to-end digital strategy with them was the sensible thing to do. We’re excited to be on board on this unlike -any- other journey!

Theodoridis K, CEO, Airshop