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Welcome to HubSpot. We’ll be your guide.

HubSpot is here to provide you (and your digital marketing agency partners!) with all the tools you need to turn your business into an unstoppable growth machine.

We’re here to show you how.

Strategy and scope

HubSpot is all about inbound methodology and building a solid, sustainable foundation to grow your business on. We help you plan your inbound strategy and do that.

Implementation and integration 

Our team helps you create your HubSpot account and configure everything according to your needs.  We can also provide any integrations needed.

Training and best practices 

We’re here to guide you through every part of your HubSpot journey. Learn from our experience, benefit from our best practices.


Anything you might need down the road, we’ll jump in and support your needs. All you have to do is ask us! 

What is HubSpot? 

Simply put, HubSpot’s Growth Platform is the be-all and end-all of automation-fueled growth. If you’re looking for new and smart ways to optimize your sales and marketing efforts for performance and growth, HubSpot is the way to go. 

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HubSpot – the company 

HubSpot is a software company that offers a variety of marketing, sales, and customer service tools. Well, that’s actually selling them short: HubSpot is the de facto topmost authority on everything around inbound marketing and the Flywheel framework. They are committed to educating both companies and digital marketing agencies, and they provide the tools for any business to grow at explosive rates. 

Founded in 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts, HubSpot quickly became the biggest player and the go-to name in everything that has to do with inbound marketing. Their products are used by businesses of all sizes to help them grow their online presence in ways that are effective, sustainable, and scalable. 

HubSpot’s products are used by businesses of all sizes all around the globe, from small businesses to enterprise companies. And their customer base is global, with 460,000+ professionals trained in inbound and 143,000+ customers in 120 countries. HubSpot has a team of 6,400+ employees in 11 global offices and is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: HUBS). 

Oh, and HubSpot’s INBOUND annual event has been keynoted by Michelle Obama, so you could say they’ve made some waves. 

HubSpot – the software 

At its core, HubSpot’s Growth Platform is a software suite designed to help you reach your target audience however, wherever, and whenever you need it the most.   

On the one hand, their marketing products provide you with a variety of automations and solutions for things like email marketing, social media management, and search engine optimization.  

On the other hand, their sales and customer service products include CRM software and lead generation tools, as well as live chat and help desk software. 

From lead generation to customer service, HubSpot has everything you need to turn your business into an unstoppable, sustainable, clean growth generator. 

iTrust – your go-to HubSpot partner 

Just as HubSpot is the de facto authority in inbound marketing, so is iTrust the de facto authority in HubSpot – at least in Greece. As one of the earliest adopters of the same principles HubSpot has taught the world, iTrust has successfully been educating and helping businesses grow since 2007. 

We firmly believe in the importance of always having the right tool for the job at hand. And while tools can’t do much on their own, combining the right tools with our extensive know-how and best practices is what is the key to success. 

The right tool, in this case, is HubSpot’s Growth platform, and we’re here to help you use them in a way that will make your business skyrocket. 

Just ask us how! 

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What benefits can HubSpot offer you and your business? 

The philosophy HubSpot is designed around two things: providing you with a foundation to launch your inbound marketing strategy, and optimizing the way your sales and marketing teams work. 

When it comes to brass tacks, this is what using HubSpot will help you with: 

It will save you time 

HubSpot takes the guesswork out of a whole lot of things. With HubSpot, you and your team won’t have to waste any more time trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. You’ll instead be free to focus every single minute of your day on what’s guaranteed to be both effective and efficient – and then go home on time and with a smile on your face. 

It will save you human resources 

A smaller, more agile team working at peak efficiency functions better than a larger, but less organized one. By making sure you and your team have both the know-how and the means to work better, HubSpot makes it possible to do more with less – and save a lot both in terms of work hours and headaches. 

It will provide your company with a solid structure and organization 

Structuring your company and organizing your teams’ efforts is the best way to ensure performance and growth, but it can be hard. HubSpot provides you with a variety of tried-and-true solutions, blueprints, and templates that will get your company running like clockwork in no time. 

It will help you plan and implement your inbound marketing strategy 

HubSpot is the leading authority on everything that has to do with inbound marketing, from education to putting inbound methodology into practice. When it comes to getting help with formulating and deploying your inbound strategy, there’s literally nobody better to turn to. 

It will help you get more and better leads 

Focusing your efforts on reaching your target audience how and when it matters the most means you’ll convert more of them into customers. On top of that, it also means you’ll be in the best possible position to build long-lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships. 

It will help you get increased ROI 

At the end of the day, the metric that says the most about your company’s success is, to put it simply, how much money it makes. By optimizing your sales and marketing teams’ efforts, HubSpot makes sure that you get the most out of every cent you invest in your business.

HubSpot helps you nurture your contacts through all the stages of a customer’s life cycle 

Winning over customers at the first encounter with your brand isn’t something that happens often, and it’s to be expected. Building trust takes time and a thoughtful approach, but HubSpot offers the tools to do that, too! 

Unlike other approaches like the buyer’s journey or conversion funnel, HubSpot’s lifecycle marketing strategy does not just aim to bring in buyers, but to turn them into loyal brand advocates. 

No matter what stage of their lifecycle your target audience and leads are on, HubSpot will help you approach them in a detailed and specific way that is personalized to them and their current needs. 

These are the six stages of lifecycle marketing: 

1. Awareness 

This is where your target audience and potential customers first learn about your brand, product, or service. The aim here is to grab their attention and reel them in. 

2. Engagement 

Now that you have your potential buyers’ attention, it’s time to begin interacting with them. They’re interested – so this is when you use your website, social media, or mailing list to tell them about your brand. 

3. Evaluation 

Decisions, decisions! This is the time to provide people with the right information about your products’ features, pricing, and value. With those in mind, they can decide whether your brand is the right choice for them. 

4. Purchase 

Congratulations – you’re about to make a sale! It’s time to shift your focus from promoting your brand to making the buyer’s purchasing experience as seamless and smooth as possible. Now it’s all about them clicking the “Buy” button. 

5. Support 

What’s better than a customer? Well, a return customer, of course! The Support stage is all about following up post-purchase and making sure people are satisfied and their needs are met. With a bit of luck, they’ll keep coming back for more. 

6. Loyalty 

A return customer is great, but why stop there? At the Loyalty stage, your goal is to nurture your relationship with your customers and turn them into your brand advocates – people who are so happy and satisfied, they let everyone know about your brand! 

If nurturing your customers until they become your very own walking, talking sources of word-of-mouth marketing is something you’d be interested in, then HubSpot is perfect for you and your business. 

Oh, and you don’t need to worry about how you’re going to plan and implement each stage of your lifecycle marketing strategy. We’re here to walk you through it step-by-step! 

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Meet Hubspot’s CRM – the all-in-one solution for all your customer relationship management needs 

CRM, or customer relationship management system, is a software application that helps businesses manage and track customer interactions and data. A CRM can help you and your business improve customer retention, increase sales, and better understand your customers.  

There are a variety of different CRMs available on the market, each with its own set of features. It’s important to choose a CRM that meets the specific needs of your business. If you’re implementing an inbound marketing strategy for your business, then HubSpot is probably the best choice for you. 

HubSpot’s CRM goes a step beyond what most other CRMs are designed for. It not only manages your contacts, but also your sales, pipeline, digital marketing and lead nurture too. You could say it’s a ‘business growth management platform’ made up of multiple tools – or, as they’re called, hubs. 

Here’s a breakdown of what HubSpot’s Growth Platform and its hubs include:

Free HubSpot CRM 

If you’re looking to track how every company action translates into revenue, this is for you. HubSpot’s CRM lays the foundation for all other marketing, sales, and service tools, and it neatly ties everything together. 

  • Company-wide visibility 
  • Lead & contact conversion tracking 
  • Live chat & chatbot workflows 
  • Easy-to-use sales deal pipeline 
  • Customer satisfaction surveys 
  • Seamlessly ties all other hubs together 

Marketing Hub 

HubSpot’s Marketing hub is designed to be a digital marketer’s best friend. It allows you and your team to seamlessly create content for your blog, social media accounts, email, website, and tracks and reports all the data that matters. 

  • Complete content creation solution 
  • Social media planning, scheduling & tracking 
  • Calls-to-action with built-in KPI tracking 
  • Landing page building & integration 
  • SEO tools 
  • Goal-based lead nurturing 

Sales Hub 

With HubSpot’s Sales hub, your sales team has everything they need to ABC – always be closing. Thanks to its robust set of tools, you will be able to provide your prospects with exceptional service and close deals as soon as they’re ready to convert. 

  • Automated email sequences & workflows 
  • Email tracking & notifications 
  • Meeting scheduling 
  • Team-wide reporting dashboards 
  • Fully customizable multiple deal pipelines

Service Hub 

Who supports the service team that supports your clients? HubSpot’s Service hub, that’s who. Identify the issues your clients are facing at any time, resolve them quickly, and keep a finger on the pulse of who’s satisfied, who’s not, and why. With HubSpot’s Service hub, it’s easier than ever. 

  • Live chat & conversational chatbots 
  • Email templates & canned snippets 
  • Customer ticket resolution portals 
  • Extensive knowledge base 
  • Customer service automation tools 
  • Multiple ticket pipelines

CMS Hub 

The HubSpot content management system is a platform that gives you the framework to build a solid website. It’s the equivalent of a website builder like WordPress or SquareSpace, built to deliver security, speed, and scalability. 

  • Complete website hosting platform 
  • Cutting edge security 
  • Built to be fast and lightweight 
  • Easy drag & drop editing 
  • Complete data integration with every other aspect of your company 

Operations Hub 

Build from the ground up with RevOps in mind, HubSpot’s Operations hub is the best way to have the data you want, when you want it, where you want it, and how you want it. That way, it makes real-time data-driven decision making and action not only possible, but also efficient! 

  • Seamless integration with any other tool your team uses 
  • Easy data sync, import & export 
  • Data quality automation 
  • Unlimited custom process automation 
  • The perfect capstone to an already powerful and robust platform!
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Get your own business in the fast lane to success with HubSpot, starting today! 

Are you impressed by the endless business growth possibilities HubSpot brings to the table, but also a little intimidated but the complexity of it all? 

Well, don’t be.  

That’s why we are here. 

At iTrust, we’ve long since reached the 10,000-hour mastery milestone of working with each of HubSpot’s Growth Platform hubs. What’s more, we’ve compiled our own playbook of best practices on how to combine them all into an unstoppable business growth machine. 

As HubSpot partners (and a specialized inbound marketing agency, too!), it’s our job to make sure you have all the support you need to integrate HubSpot into your company and shoot for the moon! 

Oh, and one last thing… 

If your experience with iTrust has already made you see us in a more positive light, that’s a testament to the fact that HubSpot and their inbound marketing strategies actually work – and they can work for your business, too, starting right now! 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Simply put, HubSpot offers all the tools you need to run successful digital marketing and content marketing campaigns. Combine those tools with its CRM, and what you have in your hands is a potentially unstoppable growth engine. 

Using HubSpot also allows you to align your sales and marketing efforts and run inbound marketing campaigns, offer specific and personalized customer service, make data-driven decisions, and more. 

That way, HubSpot makes it possible for your business to reach the right audience, attract more and better qualified leads, and retain customers. 

HubSpot is unique among CRMs for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it’s, in fact, much more than “just” a CRM. It’s part of the HubSpot Growth Platform, an incredibly powerful, functionality-rich set of integrated hubs designed specifically with the inbound marketing methodology. 

If you are implementing an inbound marketing campaign for your business, you can’t go wrong with HubSpot; it’s literally the holy grail of inbound. Even if you don’t, however, there are still many reasons why HubSpot is more than worthy of your trust. 

HubSpot’s products are used by businesses of all sizes in over 100 countries, from small businesses to enterprise companies. It has a team of over 1,000 employees and is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: HUBS). 

Besides the CRM that is its beating heart, HubSpot’s Growth Platform also offers enterprise software for marketing, sales, customer service, content management, and operations. This, however, doesn’t mean that you have to use every single one of the platform’s so-called ‘hubs’. 

HubSpot’s platform was specifically designed to be easy to adopt and adapt to your own needs, and that means that you can opt to use only the components you need! 

The short answer is “pretty much anything and everything”. HubSpot knows that there’s a great variety of software and tools out there, and each sales or marketing team of each business may have their own unique preferences. 

HubSpot’s CRM platform can boast having 1,090+ app integrations available in its App Marketplace, so you’ll be able to seamlessly connect your favorite tools and apps in just a few clicks. With HubSpot, keeping your systems in sync has never been easier! 

It’s often thought that HubSpot is meant to be used mainly by small- and medium-sized businesses. And while most of the 113,000+ companies that use HubSpot around the world are indeed small- and medium-sized, there’s also quite a few large organizations that thrive on it, too. 

Some of them are Trello, BBC, Lucidchart, Suzuki, Headspace, and Airstream

What’s also noteworthy is how different these companies are – solid proof that HubSpot can work across a variety of industries and markets. 

Not all small businesses have a CRM. If you’ve never worked with one before, it might not be clear to you why it would even be worth investing in one. 

The truth is that the advantages HubSpot offers are doubly important for a small business with small marketing and sales teams and limited resources.  

HubSpot saves you the time, trouble, and money it would cost for you to figure out what works and what doesn’t, instead allowing you to skip forward and focus on what matters – gaining new customers and growing your business. 

HubSpot is built with the inbound methodology in mind, and SEO is an integral part of any inbound marketing campaign. It comes to no surprise, then, that HubSpot’s platform includes a whole arsenal of tools and features that are great for SEO. 

The HubSpot Marketing hub has a built-in SEO tool and the CMS hub and website-building tools have reminders that help you optimize its page for search engines. And that’s not all! HubSpot also has additional SEO training material and tools. Here’s just a few of them: 

  • HubSpot Website Grading Tool 
  • HubSpot SEO Tool 
  • Optimize Panel 
  • Free SEO Resources 
  • SEO Training Courses 
  • SEO Blog Content 

As any sales or digital marketing professional will probably tell you, most enterprise software is notoriously difficult to set up and learn to use effectively and efficiently. 

Fortunately, that is not the case with HubSpot. HubSpot’s platform was specifically built for your front office teams. Its interface is simple, intuitive, and easy to adopt, and HubSpot’s Help Center is a veritable trove of knowledge and training resources and material. 

More importantly, however, you’re not going to start your HubSpot journey alone. Our own specialized HubSpot team will be there to support you every step of the way as you build up your growth foundation and cheer for you as you launch your business to the stratosphere! 

Turbocharge your company’s growth with HubSpot, starting today! 

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