Yeah, but that’s not how it really works. You might run an ecommerce store or lead a multinational chain of stores. You may be in a competitive market or the sole supplier of pink elephants. Different needs demand different medicine.

  1. Fact is, we’re hiring amazing people. We take our time in training them, provide them with the best tools and allow them to devote time to excel in their fields. We hire people that more than anything care about building a professiona legacy; about creating great things. There’s no B Team. It’s all 5 star players here.
  2. Fact is, we’re perfectionists. We need a perfect understanding of what you want to achieve. We’ll present you the best suited strategy to reach those goals. And because we don’t trust anyone else to do it to the extent we want to, we will implement it.

    (Not to mention we dominate SEO-wise the most competitive search queries in Greece and abroad, use social media in a way that makes sense and help you get leads in the most cost-effective manners, plus spend an enormous amount of time using data to figure out what works and what doesn’t work for you.)

  3. Fact is, that we bring results. Real, business, money-in-the-pocket results.

    Would you imagine having your mechanic agonizing more about his work’s end-result than you do? That’s, well, weird. But we’re digital. And that’s how digital works. We’re weird like that.

    Not actually.

    But its one of the perks of operating a boutique digital agency. It means that all we care about is that you are excited at working with us. And that there’s no single friend or associate you haven’t introduced us to.

    Even if our pricing stands a tad higher than the market average because of our higher overhead and the long hours we dedicate on our every client. That’s the cost of getting

    actual business results from your digital strategy.