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Web Development

Our development department consists of senior experienced developers: back-end, front-end and full-stack. We create elegant, conversion-optimized websites, ecommerce sites and web apps, always delivering top of the line products that help you reach your branding and commercial goals.

Custom-built websites with clean, pixel-perfect code are hard to find.

Thankfully for you, you’ve come to the right place.

At iTrust we turn complex technologies into user-friendly, intuitive websites that people love to browse and shop from. But what makes iTrust a leader in web development you ask?

Web Development by iTrust: Ahead of the game

In-house development

From planning your Information Architecture, to web design and web development, every step of the development process is executed by iTrust, a true digital marketing agency. This ensures you get what you expect. A quality website with impressive usability, speed and sleek design.

The best technologies for the best results

With HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, and jQuery for the front end, and PHP and nodeJS for the backend as our weapons of choice, we develop simple, elegant websites that help you reach your business goals.

These technologies let us create truly personalized websites and online businesses that are secure, customizable and user-friendly.

Using REST and SOAP two of the most robust protocols we offer you the ease of use and full control of your online assets (websites and apps). Reliable, Open-Source Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Joomla let you personalize and update your online content quickly and easily.

A website as unique as your business

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all website template.

Your business website, whether a ‘business card’ page or an eshop has specific requirements and functionalities. For that reason we offer custom websites and web apps to ensure your business has the digital opportunity to thrive and utilize all further benefits an SEO Agency can provide.

With us you get a custom website that departs from mass-produced, standardized themes to give you an advantage over competitors that choose copy-paste websites that all look the same and have narrow functionalities.

We think different..

We build websites that fit you like a glove.

1_ Quality, clean, maintainable code

If there’s one thing that makes iTrust stand out is our quality, elegant code. We develop websites that are intricate and sophisticated at the backend, but on the frontend are user-friendly, intuitive and maintainable.

A clean code means we can update and expand your site’s functionalities with new tools to better serve your business.

2_ We do not develop for the web. But for the people

Building websites isn’t hard. Building websites for people is. We are implementing the latest principles in web development and use technologies and best practices that translate into user-friendly digital experiences for your customers.

Our websites have lightning fast loading time, a polished, professional look, logical navigation and responsive design. Websites permeated by simplicity encourage interaction and inspire trust with your community.

The result?

A website that’s optimized for conversions.

3_ Scalable solutions for peace of mind

At iTrust we develop scalable apps, able to handle an increasing number of users, content and transactions without breaking a sweat.

Your website users will enjoy the same high-quality digital experience whether they’re the only person on the site or the 1000th.

4_ Quality over Hype

We’re closely following all the trends, best practices and developments, and adapt only those certain to deliver beautiful, well-coded websites for our clients. We will never experiment with technologies and systems that are immature just to say we’re a step ahead. We take your business seriously.

5_Object oriented

We are always keen to code with Object-oriented programming. This affords us a well-coded, well-structured application or website for your business and customers.

6_We grow; you grow with us

At iTrust we are investing in knowledge and technologies to stay on top of our game. We devote the time and resources to ensure we rapidly adapt the best practices in the field and offer you only the best in web design and development.

Web design & Development offerings

A. eCommerce

We develop secure, easy to use and well-coded ecommerce sites (eshops). You want to add new products quickly, you want to feature your latest offers, you want to keep your customer’s personal data safe and want to offer pleasant digital experiences for them.

We understand all this and we make it possible thanks to our quality code that’s maintainable, customizable and clean. With an online shop optimized for conversions one thing is certain, visitors will keep coming back and customers will be raving

B. Brand Websites

Develop or grow your brand identity with a brand website that tells your story. Our websites are professional, elegant and above all maintainable digital spaces in which you can grow and establish your startup or brand as well as house it’s content marketing.

With integrated CMS, you have full control over its content.

C. Web Apps

Your eBusiness has unique needs. That’s why we develop unique web apps to offer your target market what it craves. Our web apps make your business more efficient, your operations seamless and your sales bigger.

Our boutique mentality means one-to-one communication with us for any concern or idea you want to implement. We understand you have changing needs and we are always eager to discuss them.

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