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Think Digital.

We think different. And that’s a good thing to do, because the Internet is changing things at its one pace. Makes sense for brands trying to find their gait. One step too fast and nobody quite gets you. One step too slow and you’re left pinning on empty boards.

At iTrust we have a profound understanding of how big a challenge this state of constant change poses to brands. You’ll hear people talk about SEO or Social Media when what you really seek is business results; actionable insights, proven conversion lift and cross-channel experiences that lead to the most bang for your buck.

We are digital thinkers and makers: Crafting results-oriented strategies, shaped by modern consumer behaviour, and perfectly executing them. Preoccupied with detail we’ll test every design and interaction, tap into streams of data and information, all in order to create objects, relationships and ideas that are as efficient as they are unique.

We take pride in our technological prowess, finding solutions where others halt. But technology is just the enabler.

The communication with your brand’s audience via new channels has to be simple, nuanced.

Because even though the digital channels are ever-shining new, there is a slightly peculiar familiarity to them. We still need to hear about what your brand has to say. With a message that can be more personal, ubiquitous and social than ever.


Nothing has changed.
We’ll just think digital.
Together. Isn’t that fantastic?

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Formulating your
digital strategy

Your business strategy, performance marketing, and development under one roof.
Because success in the digital & social era call for expertise.

The iTrust model

Research & Strategy

• Business Intelligence gives your strategy shape
• Glocal Trend Analysis get you ahead of the pack
• Consumer Insights ensure no move is without a purpose

Execution & Integration with Offline Business

• A synergy of talent & tech drives your strategy
• Creative & Development, UX/UI give your strategy form
• Performance marketing drives it through the roof

eBusiness Consulting

• Educate & support you in your digital journey.
• Share our expertise to get your eBusiness on the growth wagon.

iTrust Digital Strategy: digital marketing you can trust!

Welcome to iTrust – where strategic superiority and know-how meet innovation in the digital space! Since 2007, iTrust Digital has been one of the first agencies of its kind to adopt a holistic 360° approach in digital marketing. For us, the bare minimum is simply not enough. Our goal is to make sure that every aspect of your digital marketing and online presence contributes as much as possible to your business's growth and success. It makes no difference whether you need a Google Ads Agency or a social media marketing campaign to immediately capture the attention of your audience, or an SEO agency to help you with your content marketing and scale your business organically. iTrust Digital is the digital marketing that will get you what you need, as well as a partner you can put your faith in! Let's join forces and write the next chapter in your business's success story together! Contact us now!

Digital Marketing
Tools That Tick

A digital marketing agency that makes the most of every innovation

At iTrust Digital, innovation is part of our very DNA. It's what has set us apart from day one, the driving force behind many of our successes. As a digital marketing agency, we aim to always be at the forefront of every technological advancement. That way we can always utilize it with maximum effectiveness and secure competitive advantages for our partners. What's more, we invest in building systems and processes and creating our very own ecosystem. We combine tried-and-true approaches with the latest and best tools in the market, as well as with automation and AI. And, of course, we offer our digital marketing experts the training they need to use them to their fullest potential. This means that, by partnering up with iTrust Digital, you'll always stay not one, but two steps ahead of the competition!

Digital Strategy – the secret at the heart of every single of our successes

Innovation and cutting-edge tech are exceptional tools, but in the end, they're just that; tools. To translate their potential into actual, measurable results, they need to be combined with a well-thought-out and comprehensive digital strategy. At iTrust, the first thing we do when we start planning a marketing campaign is to take the time needed to get a good understanding of your business, its market, and its audience. Instead of relying (solely!) on our tools, we make the most of our considerable hands-on experience, expertise, research, analysis, and deep understanding. All that, in essence that makes up a winning digital strategy!

The go-to 360° digital agency in Thessaloniki – since 2007!

While iTrust also maintains offices in Berlin and has partners all around the globe, its heart will always beat in Thessaloniki. That's where our HQ is located since 2007. Its long presence in and intimate understanding of the local economy is what makes iTrust one of the most experienced digital agencies in Thessaloniki, with dozens of successful partnerships under its proverbial belt. It doesn't matter whether your business is a small local store or a multinational company doing business with clients all over the world. ITrust is your go-to digital agency in Thessaloniki, a valuable partner that can work closely with you to make all your dreams come true!

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