Social Media Marketing

Do social media right. Because Social Media Marketing is more than just posts and follows.

Attract an online community ready to interact with your brand and buy your products. We execute the strategy, you enjoy the results.

Mobile – Measurable – 2-way Interaction – Social – Targeted – Results-Driven

Individuals consider social media a place through which they communicate with brands. In fact, they expect these businesses and brands to engage, support, and educate them every step along their digital experience.

And when you’re not there, another brand will fill in your spot.

Mobile – There are over 1,685 billion active mobile social accounts. Your prospects are daily Facebook, Instagram and Twitter users and there’s one way to appear on their smartphones – and that’s the social way.

Measurable – Social analytics give us crystal clear insights on to what works and what doesn’t. We run, revise and re-run to ensure world-class results. The only way is up.

2-way Interaction – Online users have high expectations, they want brands that answer their questions, give them valuable information and relevant knowledge. It’s a brave new world of two-way interaction.

Social – Digital marketing is more social than ever. We take social insights and deliver results driven social media ads that speak the language of your target audience.

Targeted – It has never been easier to target an audience so accurately. We delve onto the insights of social user behavior to get highly focused results.

Results Driven – Social Media Marketing is the playground. We have the tools to create social media campaigns that fulfil your commercial objectives.

You’ve been told social media matter. You’ve been told social media advertising works. It does. What’s the next step?

The formula is pretty straightforward.

When your business is present and active on social media – where your prospects spend most of their online time, naturally you raise brand awareness, nurture lead generation and enjoy a conversion lift.

At iTrust we’ve deciphered the Social Media Marketing and Advertising formula so you don’t have to bust your head trying to figure out how it all works.
iTrust has been successfully running social media marketing campaigns for major Greek and German brands, including Dr. Papaioannou Surgery, ANEL, ISOMAT and Le Tif. The results are measureable and enduring, making our success in social media marketing indubitable.

We’ve been creating multi-channel experiences for millions of users and prospects, building loyal communities and rigorously executing Social Media strategies that pay off. The result is achieving the much-coveted lead generation and sales for brands like yours.

The Challenge

The only problem with social media marketing and advertising is that it can be an overwhelming task for businesses to handle on their own.

Lack of resources, know-how and state-of-the art tools, make the process counterintuitive.

iTrust as a results-oriented digital agency dedicates the technology, knowledge and energy in creating effective social media marketing plans. Our marketing strategies are informed by the best practices in digital advertising to maximize your ROI.

Social media marketing is an ever-changing, ever-growing space, entrust your brand’s digital marketing to iTrust for results you can measure, for results you can experience.

iTrust your Social Media Marketing and Advertising Today

Social Media Marketing success doesn’t happen overnight. It’s strategic, it’s measurable and it’s hard work.

You’re after a social media marketing approach that is results-focused and brand-enhancing. You’ve landed to the right place. iTrust understands the digital world end-to-end and has a proven record of lead generation and conversion lift. You too can get the iTrust experience.

iTrust believes in having a boutique approach with its clientele. A small, selected clientele with which we can maintain regular, personal contact to achieve impressive results in social media marketing and advertising.

Ready to take off? Our destination is social media marketing success.