Social media Strategy

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the other social networks are offering businesses something they’ve been craving all along.

Build Immediacy, Drive Brand Awareness

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the other social networks are offering businesses something they’ve been craving all along; a channel for reaching prospects and existing clients. You now have the chance to nurture a relationship with your clients with minimum effort and with great efficiency.

You know where your clients are, all you need to do is join the conversation they’re leading.

Social media marketing however doesn’t just happen. There has to be a well planned out social media strategy that delineates the audience, the commercial objectives and the metrics based on which its success will be measured on.

Enter iTrust.

We develop detailed digital marketing strategies we execute by the letter. We monitor, measure and enhance them so your brand reaps all the benefits and achieves an unprecedented immediacy.

Social Media Marketing Humanizes your business

People want to buy from a person not a faceless, cold company. Social Media Marketing offers the humanizing factor for your business. A social media presence makes you more approachable and friendly as it offers a sneak peek into the people that make up your brand.

Showing to your customers your culture, your staff, your behind the scenes happenings, your physical stores and other bits and pieces of what makes you the brand that you are, increases the chances of liking you more and eventually converting to paying clients.

Social Media Marketing creates positive brand experiences (and resolves bad ones)

Today’s digital consumers expect more from the businesses and brands they buy from. They expect them to answer their questions, solve their problems and be ready to discuss disappointing products or bad service experiences. Online.

When you’re not online to resolve a customer issue, a disappointed customer will just rant about it, hurting your business. Resolving instantly social media crises is something you must anticipate, plan for and shield your business from.

Get Priceless Marketplace Insights With Social Media Marketing

Social media offer you a sneak peek into the lives of your existing customers and prospects.

You can see what they like, share and post and tap into these actionable insights so that your brand offers them exactly that.

Gain exposure, gain traffic, gain sales

With social media marketing and advertising you create positive interactions between your brand and your prospects. Over time, the exposure you get, the engagement you nurture and the traffic you bring to your website, all add up to more sales.

In other words, social media marketing and advertising multiplies the positive brand interactions for your prospects, increasing their likelihood for a future conversion.

Build a Loyal Fan Base

You think evangelist marketing is only possible for brands like Coca-Cola and Orea? It isn’t.

Creating loyal customers so pleased that they become voluntary advocates of your business isn’t hard. It’s a matter of a well-executed social media marketing plan that is deeply informed by key consumer behavior principles.

As a result, your followers become customers and then vocal brand evangelists. You don’t just stay top of mind, you are creating a valuable brand experience for them, one that they enjoy and want others to know about.

Improve SEO rankings with Social Media Marketing

Social media activity sends out brand signal to Google’s search engine, improving your business rankings. When you have an active, frequently updated social page, you are essentially telling Google your website is a credible, legitimate business worthy of higher rankings. Tweets and Facebook posts are such social signals that can boost your SEO rankings.

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