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Email Marketing

You think selling is your ultimate goal? Almost. Selling REGULARLY is what you are really after. Turning customers into regulars is the backbone of every healthy business. In order to return to a place, where you spend money, you want to be treated nicely at the cash register and when you have coffee, you want the service to be quick and friendly.

When all is well, you have a positive brand experience that calls for repetition. Therefore, you might be interested in being informed about news, offers or events – and you subscribe to the newsletter.

Keeping your clients close

The business world in the era of Internet cannot be thought of without Email-Marketing. It is an efficient and cost-effective tool that allows maintaining long-term partnerships.

  • keep in touch with your client base via remarketing & custom audiences
  • develop and consolidate a healthy relationship with your customers
  • inform about news, offers, services, new products or events
  • use the advantage of making sure that clients arrive on the correct landing page
  • save money on expenses for paper, printing and postage

You don’t provide your clients with Email yet? Get started now!

Well, maybe you have other things to do. Email-Marketing is very time consuming. You want high quality content marketing, attractive visual material and landing page optimization. Also, not every client is interested in the same information. If you want to make sure that the content you produce is appreciated, you might want to segment your customer base into specific target groups.

Is this information only interesting for a woman in her 40s? But also: Do you want to inform her about your latest cigar special? The more precise you get, the more efficient you will be with your Email-Marketing strategy. All of this cannot be done in 10 minutes, but it’s crucial – and you will be able to measure the results in numbers.

Matter of fact is that –marketing-wise – maintaining a client base might be even harder than attracting new people to your business. The call-to-action-range differs greatly from brand awareness campaigns. You want to provide a steady cycle of information, but you don’t want to spam your client’s email account and drive him away from you.

Email-Marketing calls for a professional handling

Our digital marketing agency works with experienced specialists, who produce high quality content that keeps your clients close to your business: Clear structure, focusing central information on product and service placement, stating clear call-for-action messages, while steadily developing your corporate identity.

Long-term partnerships with our clients give proof of our solid work.

We provide

  • one-to-one-communication and
  • one-to-many-communication

We develop customized strategies that contain both:

  • E-Mailings, in order to inform about special events, offers or ‘breaking news’
  • Newsletters, as a regular keep-in-touch-tool

Your clients trust you? Trust us with your Email-Marketing. We will make sure that your customer base is up-to-date. Get in touch now!

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