Quantity and Quality: Only the perfect balance will seal the deal

Receiving too many newsletters usually triggers another major problem: Considering the long time you need to create a user-oriented, informative yet call-to-action Email, getting one every day probably comes along with a visible loss of quality.

Content of high quality requires:

  • Adequate wording
    Use a language code that appeals to the target group
  • Easy language
    Easy language is not easy to create. Giving information on your business, including product information, explaining details; all of this needs to be understood at the first read. The real challenge of content marketing is to be exact and clear without making the reader feel neither overwhelmed, nor underestimated.
  • Perfect balance between visual content and text
    Nobody will read a newsletter that is too long or doesn’t contain pictures. The first glance usually determines, if the receiver will actually read the content or not. And we all know how it works with Emails: If you don’t read it right away, it will get lost. Also, use good pictures. Unprofessional imaging will put in question the professional background of your endeavor.
  • Good Structure
    Imagine you start reading an Email and you have no idea, what is wanted of you. This must never happen. The crucial information of the content must be clear at all times.
  • Clear Call-to-action strategy.
    You want your customer to click on a certain hyperlink? You want him to pick up the phone and make an appointment? You might be surprised, but oftentimes newsletters fail to tell reader what to do. Even if it sounds exaggerated: If you want the reader to sign up for the 30-day-trial, state it loud and clear.

You see? There are many factors that differentiate good newsletters from bad ones. It takes experience and expertise to address your customer correctly and – first of all – you need to figure out WHO to address.

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