Google AdWords

Google AdWords (Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Search Engine Marketing (SEM))

Imagine being there right where a prospect needs you. Imagine having a placed text ad show up at the right time, at the right search query. That’s what Google AdWords affords you. A prospect searchers for “white summer dress” and your ad conveniently placed at the top of the search results, tells the user “Look no further, here it is.”

Google AdWords: Why bother with pay per click (paid advertising)?

Sheer effectiveness

Google is the go-to tool when people search for something online. The sheer volume and popularity of Google make it a can’t-miss marketing opportunity. You want to be where your prospects are, and right now, they’re probably googling a product you offer.

1. Bulls-eye targeting

Google AdWords is targeted paid search. You can target your potential customers during the most lucrative stages in the sales funnel, when they’re browsing for possible solutions, when they’re comparing products, and most importantly, when they’re ready to buy.

That’s not the only targeting you can have however. You can target your prospects based on location, channel (desktop, tablet, smartphone) and language. This gives you the advantage of presenting highly relevant, highly targeted ads.

Creating an ad tailored to the prospect’s current status and profile, ensures high return on investment and conversion.

2. Pay Per Click Advertising is Cost-effective

The most loved feature of Google AdWords is that you only spend money when someone clicks on your ad.

No matter how many times your ad is shown in search queries, you will only pay when someone clicks on it and lands to your website. This is an intuitive and cost-effective attribute that lets you control how much you spend daily/monthly and ensures you never go off your budget.

3. Measurable

Offline marketing can be tough to measure. That’s not the case with digital. Every bid, every ad is measurable. From clicks to impressions, click-through-rates and cost per acquisition everything is ready to account for, measure and review.

Google AdWords is transparent and measurable, so you know where every single cent you invest goes and what results brings in terms of lead generation and conversions.

Google AdWords: What iTrust does differently (read better)

  • Understands your brand’s needs and develops a customized PPC campaign that is constantly improved upon to maximize performance. Redo a campaign 5 times if we have to? Don’t mind if we do.
  • Know AdWords like the back of our hand. We’ve served thousands of AdWords campaigns that met and surpassed our benchmarks and left our customers grinning with joy.
  • Manage hundreds of thousands of dollars in Google AdWords spend annually, achieving high ROI for our clients.

Google AdWords is an essential digital marketing tool that makes your business stand out. It singles out your website or brand and puts it front and center.

While many businesses choose to run their own Google AdWords campaigns, having a qualified team of AdWords experts (that’s us by the way) run them, ensures higher conversion rates. Google AdWords is simple to learn, but it takes years to master.

Our paid advertising campaigns for Greek, German and other international clients confirm our authority and experience on all things AdWords.

Google AdWords: Our results speak for themselves

(Proceed with caution, shameless self-promotion ensues)

We love Google AdWords. That’s why we are pretty amazing at it. We know Google AdWords inside out and have been AdWords certified since 2008.

At iTrust we’ve run thousands of successful AdWords campaigns and continue bringing value and new customers to our clients through results-oriented Google AdWords campaigns.

As a digital marketing boutique, we invest the time and effort needed for each account, for each campaign. We’re just not fun of firing an ad and forgetting it. We create, run, review and enhance. It’s a practice that lets us get the best results. Every time.

Sophisticated technology makes it possible to accurately measure the impact of every single Google AdWords ad and enhance it for impressive ROI for our clients’ online and offline operations.