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Content Marketing

“Don’t interrupt what your buyers want to consume – BE what they want to consume.” ~ Mike Volpe, CMO, HubSpot

Content is not king. Content is misunderstood. You don’t need to be a publisher to offer valuable, relevant content to your audience. All you need to know is what your audience is thirsty for.

And that’s a story.

A story of how you came about. A story of how human you are. A story that sets their emotions on fire. A story that solves their problem.

Tell your story and people will stop and listen.

Why content marketing? Why now?

Content is the driving force behind every business’ digital success. Content is what people like and share. Content is what you should be prioritizing over traditional lead generation tactics especially if you’re looking to utilize email marketing or social media marketing.

Create quality content and it will be the magnet that brings people to your digital doorstep.

Why your business needs content marketing. Like, yesterday.

Outbound is obsolete. Inbound Marketing is here to stay.

Your customers are always rushing from one activity to the next. They want information and they need it to be relevant, accessible and reliable. Consumers, in fact, expect brands like yours to address their needs with bulls-eye accuracy anytime, anywhere.

The many faces of content marketing

Your customers and prospects are out there, watching a video tutorials for a new hairstyle, reading comparison reports before buying a new family car, sharing top 10 summer destination listicles when planning their next summer holiday.

That’s content they’re searching for and consuming in real-time. And it could be your content that helps them decide on the best car for their family, on the most affordable travel package, or inspires them to change their hairstyle to a more trending one.

Addressing your customers’ needs and creating a desire for your product

When you’re present at every micro-moment, you’re increasing your visibility – not just momentarily – but in the long-term. Content increases top-of-mind awareness and when its truly helpful, when it truly resonates with your audience, then it’s the springboard for conversions.

Why work with iTrust

In our digital marketing agency we attract, delight and convert your customers. We know what makes them tick and help you create the right type of content, be it a blog post, an ad, a video or an image.

From fast moving consumer products, to healthcare and industry services content marketing is what sets in motion a reaction in your prospects. Whether that’s to call you, shop from you or talk about you to their friends.

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