Success Story

The Νο.1 website for sports betting, bookmakers predictions, sports news and analysis decided to invest on its digital presence and have a place on the top of Google’s page results. In such a competitive sector, with famous brands crossing their swords to get to the top of organic results, was that even possible?


“You bet!”

It was indeed a challenge but we knew we were born to be challenged. By applying a carefully designed SEO strategy, with predefined content silos and by using Content Marketing as our basic tool, we managed to increase the organic traffic and visibility of

Along with the daily information of the users around sports news, betting analysis, bookmaker predictions and other relevant information, we made sure to implement a content marketing strategy, to provide users with interesting and useful content.


Search Engine Optimization
Content Marketing

The regular blogposting about evergreen topics, which were always of concern to sports betting players, seems to be the key to the success of this project!