ANEL Fashion

anel fashion

Success Story

Ain’t no keyword hard enough

A website redesign and a couple of months of SEO Later, a local fashion store in Thessaloniki topped Google’s first page on highly competitive keywords such as ‘women’s clothes’, women’s clothes offers’ and ‘affordable women’s clothes’.


Traffic Increase through product tag optimization (long-tail keywords)


SEO-driven conversion rate increase


increase in direct traffic sales (result of brand awareness)

The Story

Greece’s Fashion Alternative

A Greek local brand with a handful of stores realized the opportunity for growth that digital marketing offers. The company sought to expand its wholesale network, build brand awareness, and create more foot traffic for its brick-and-mortar stores.

The Goal

Boost Wholesale and Online Sales

ANEL wanted to better serve its existing and new wholesale customers and tap onto the growing online fashion market. The brand had a clear USP (perfect balance of quality and affordability) that allowed us to focus our digital strategy on the right demographics and achieve exponential growth both in terms of local store expansion and online sales.


Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Web Development
Email Marketing


Build Brand Awareness
Increase Industry Market Share
Wholesale Network Growth
Drive Online Sales

SEO-oriented strategy = Mind-blowing Growth

ANEL Fashion offers quality yet affordable fashion. This advantage let us focus on bringing organic traffic through keywords such as ‘women’s clothes’, ‘affordable women’s clothes‘. In under 100 days, ANEL Fashion was ranking high for wholesale and high-volume keywords.

Content silos allowed ANEL to swiftly respond to fashion’s ephemerality and consumers’ ever-changing desires (winter/summer collections), while optimized look-books, blogging and season-specific product categories were among the actions implemented.

Their Success

Chrushing The Competition

iTrust implemented an end-to-end digital strategy to improve ANEL’s brand awareness and ecommerce growth. Through an integrated digital marketing strategy that consists of SEO, a mobile-first website, and a UI/UX focus with fast-loading pages, ANEL managed to dominate Google’s first page for highly competitive keywords in a short time.

ANEL offers a sleek user experience through its mobile-first, responsive website. Direct traffic increased by 45% in one year and sales from organic traffic shoot through the roof with a 90% increase. Today, ANEL Fashion looks ahead, seeking to increase its market share further through proven and results-oriented new practices.