Success Story

Fashion ahead of its time

What started as a one-person shop by a woman born-and-raised in a fashion family now has become a top fashion eshop with the most loyal, fashionable Facebook community.


Facebook Fans


Traffic Increase in 6 months


Conversion Rate Q1 2016

The Story

I speak fashion fluently

Knowing your customers is one thing. Knowing what they really want before they even know it, is a skill Fashionroom has mastered. Now, when you team this valuable market insight with proven growth practices, success is a one-way street.

Fashionroom’s next goal was to branch out to more women thirsty for the latest trends, eccentric pieces, and timeless essentials to express their unique sense of style.

The Goal

“I’ve nothing to wear” – Me, every morning

Fashionroom’s aim was twofold; increase brand awareness and boost sales. The market interest was loud and clear and the only thing left to do was research and implement a 360⁰ strategy that would expand its market share, increase its sales, and make Fashionroom the go-to eshop for the latest trends in women’s fashion.


Digital Strategy
Content Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Google Display Network & YouTube Advertising
Social Media Marketing


Build Brand Awareness
Expand Industry Market Share
Drive Online Sales

Inbound Marketing oriented strategy = Mind-blowing Growth

iTrust activated an end-to-end strategy that involved over 100 actions from affiliate program setup, inbound marketing and SEO to Social Media Marketing and PPC campaigns.

Their Success

Keep Calm and Fashion On

iTrust implemented our across-the-board strategy with at least 50 simultaneous digital actions taking place across all of Fashionroom’s digital assets. iTrust channeled the right content through the right medium to reach an already primed and at-the-ready audience.

Fashionroom is always looking ahead, experimenting with the latest technologies and media to entertain, engage, and convert its community to loyal, returning customers.