Pleiades Shipping Agents S.A.

Pleiades Shipping Agents S.A.

Pleiades Shipping Agents S.A. Known across the sea

Pleiades Shipping Agents has over 50 years of experience of purchasing, managing and operating merchant vessels of various types and sizes. They are well known in the industry for their capability of serving the global oil transportation sector.

The company consist of eight Panamax and two Aframax tankers as well as two MR2 Crude, Product Oil and Chemical tankers. The company’s fleet is operating along worldwide trading routes but you will find Pleiades Shipping Agents primarily between North and South America, the Caribbean and in the Far East. They specialize in the transportation of crude oil and dirty petroleum products.

Oil Tankers at Sea

Generally speaking, oil tanker companies specialize in the transportation and storage of oil. Oil tankers can be divided into two main categories, crude tankers and product tankers wheres the first make up the larger part of the total oil tanker fleet in terms of carrying capacity. The shipping company transports crude oil from oil extraction facilities to oil refineries, while product tankers carry refined products to facilities where they will be sold to end consumers. The difference between the tankers is that product tankers have a special coating inside the tanks that enable them to carry products that would otherwise be contaminated by or have an impact on the steel tanks used when carrying crude oil.

Pleiades Shipping Agents is highly regarded across the industry and for a reason.

The mission of the company to this day is to provide customers with safe, environmentally friendly and efficient services. They strive to continuously develop their systems and skills as well as to ensure that all employees, whether ashore or aboard are committed to the highest safety standards. Their staff receives the highest form of training and education in environmental management systems and crisis-response procedures, as required by the industry.

Pleiades Shipping Agents S.A. Fleet

The respected company never seized to improve and grow. And with their constant drive for greatness in mind, they found in iTrust the partner that shared the same ambitions equipped with the adequate know-how and tools.

Services for Pleiades Shipping Agents

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The recipe for growth

Over the years the Pleiades Shipping Agents grew to one of the leaders of the sector. In order to continue their journey towards success in the new digital era iTrust continuously provided the company with the guidance and insights regarding sustainable business growth.

To this day iTrust continues to offer day-to-day business and IT consulting according to their ever-changing needs. Pleiades Shipping Agents has found a consultation partner for taking their business to a completely new level offering quality service and technical expertise.