Educational Visit of the Public Institute of Vocational Education (IEK of Special Education)

On Tuesday the 21st of January we had the honour of having students from the Public IEK of Special Education in our offices for a visit. The Public IEK Pylaias – Chortiati is the one of the first two public IEK for deaf and mute students in Greece.

The students of the Department “Applied Informatics Technician – Multimedia / Web designer – developer / videogames” were escorted by their teacher Mrs.Vlachou Athanasia and were briefed on the technologies available to our firm, as well as the tools created internally to help cut down on resources needed by our clients.

We had the chance to demonstrate to the visiting students how a firm like operates on a day to day basis. The founder, Mr.Spyridis begun with a presentation of the firm’s history   since 2007.

The team of web developers discussed with the students on all things they get to work on: from php, css and JQuery up to Node, less and angularJS.

The educational visit concluded with a discussion on the importance of Internet Marketing for any company and the creation of a demonstrative advertising campaign on Facebook. [divider_2]

In our opinion- with what little experience we acquired from this visit- this endeavor of the Public IEK of Special Education Pylaias – Chortiati is to be applauded: It allows its students to go past the classroom and into the actual manner in which firms operate. It is an initiative we were proud to have been able to be a part of.