Katerina is completing the last year of her Bachelor in Economic Sciences at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The last two years of her studies, she has shifted her educational focus to Business Administration combined with Marketing and Human Resources. Before completing her studies, she decided to take the internship’s opportunity. Then iTrust became the only choice.

At the same time, she started working for an advertising company, undertaking the promotions of branded products. This experience helped her to develop excellent communication skills. Katerina, as a helpful person and having the willingness to learn, begins her voluntary journey in a non-profit organization. There she undertakes tasks related to both Human Resources Management and Marketing.

Her free time is filled with walks in nature. Katerina truly loves her siblings and her friends. She enjoys going to the cinema and learning about the world through her favorite psychological books. She adores traveling and whenever she has the opportunity she makes short escapes from routine.