Konstantinos studied at the Department of Computer Science at TEI of Larissa. This choice was really obvious for him considering his love for programming. Even though he is taking his first steps in this area, his passion for continuously learning new technologies can’t be hidden. From his first years in the university, he decided that Web Development is the field that likes the most and he focused on studying and practicing on HTML / CSS / JavaScript and later he enriched his knowledge with NodeJs and ReactJs.

iTrust came into his life with his internship in 2021 and it is considered now the starter point of his professional career.

In his free time, you can find him reading a comic book or watching his favorite movies from the “good old cinema” (as he says). He enjoys planning his future trips and loves going out with his friends just for a beer.

“Many people think that if something worked yesterday and is still working today, it will work tomorrow. That’s wrong!” – Garry Kasparov