Mega Sprint Guard S.A.

Mega Sprint Guard collaborates with iTrust Digital Strategy. We are in a pleasant surprise to announce our collaboration with our newest client, Mega Sprint Guard, one of the strongest corporation in the field of security services and security products. The corporation maintains a steadily powerful presence since 1994. As a company, iTrust offers its expertise and services concerning the online business consulting to a leading enterprise in its particular field of occupation, thus helping the company’s productivity levels reach new heights.

About Mega Sprint Guard

MEGA sprint guard

Mega Sprint Guard has been established in the sector of security companies as a leading corporation, with more than 20 years of professional experience. Quality security services has been a primary target for the company since day one, giving the company the advantage of credibility and recognition. Mega Sprint Guard maintains the competitive advantage of offering security services that focus on creating a feeling of safety and trust towards their customers.

Security issues and staff training from Mega Sprint Guard

The key factor of the company relies on its human resources . The company has mainly invested in the proper training of its security personnel, offering high quality services and efficiency. The company is equipped with highly qualified training centers and in collaboration with certified instructors of the armed forces, provides constant education and training, defining the companies profile not only as a service provider but as a leading training institution in the field of security services as well.

Mega Sprint Guard as part of its services provision covers a wide range of security issues. For instance, the company is dealing with personal and product security, CIT transfers, information and telecommunications, as well as security provision in health and educational institutions all over the country.

Growth of Mega Sprint Guard

MEGA guard

A well established enterprise in the field of security services, like Mega Sprint Guard, with more than 20 years of strong presence, could only display a continuous and at the same time stable progress. This comes as a result of the constant care for the staff training and the importance of certification of the services they offer. To seal all of the above, the company has been nominated, according to Imerisia, from the European organization Europe 500 and IESE Business School as “ one of the five corporations with the biggest development growth rate and staff employment in Europe “ for the year 2011-2012. See more at Mega Sprint Guard news.

Awards and Nominations of Mega Sprint Guard

As a result of its continuous development and growth, Mega Sprint Guard (based on Bloomberg business) has managed to gain multiple nominations  both in national and European level. Apart from gaining the award of EUROPE 500 institution as one of the fastest growing businesses in Europe, the company managed to find itself among the 270 best companies in Europe for the year 2013, according to Plimsoll Words research. Furthermore, Mega Sprint Guard  has been awarded for 3 consecutive years (2010-2012) as one of the “Strongest companies in Greece” by ICAP. Last but not least, the company has been awarded from ICAP GROUP as one of the “Leading employers in Greece” for two consecutive years (2011-2012).
The concept of the company can be summarized in the maxim, as told by one of the seven sages of antiquity, Pittacus the Mitilinaeos “ Prudent men, act before the struggles, so that they do not happen. Brave men act when they happen, and with pleasure they solve them ( the struggles ) “.