E-volution awards 2016 SEO Award: iTrust Digital Strategy distincts in the SEO/SEM category

In our first ever participation in E-volution awards 2016 SEO Award we were awarded with the SILVER award given in the Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing (SEO / SEM) category.

At the top greek awards of eCommerce, which were held for the 5th consecutive year from Boussias Communications and the Electronical Commerce and Business Lab, ELTRUN, the effectiveness, the innovation factor and the longevity of the digital marketing strategies chosen, were awarded.

E-volution Awards 2016 SEO Award :

Our company was awarded for its work at the clinic of plastic surgery  << Papaioannou Plastic Surgery >>; a collaboration which lasts more than 2 years already and is added in the list of long-term partnerships, which we are proud of. Collaborations like these are extremely important for us, as they indicate the importance of digital marketing for every business as a differentiation factor and competitive advantages’ creator.

Holistic SEO: Organic success through content silos

Βραβείο SEO e-volution awards 2016 SEO Award

The clinic’s webpage SEO has been an astounding success. For almost all of the searches related to the supplied treatments and surgical operations, it ranks first.

Through totally whitehat SEO and targeted SEM actions came results that exceeded any expected target. The increase of organic traffic and direct traffic were more than 250% and 160% respectively, in the timespan of less than a year. Through the increase of targeted trafficking and conversion rate of the total of digital marketing actions, the increase in Marketing Qualified Leads for the same period exceeded 300%!
How did this happen? ( Shortly: with a lot of work! ) In detail:

For the plastic surgery clinic, a new, responsive webpage was designed, optimized so that it can get close to the absolute 100/100 at Google PageSpeed. The structure of the webpage was designed from the beginning in order to allow the creation of semantic content silos, while it keeps getting enriched with new content.
All the state-of-art technologies which would allow Google to understand the value of the webpage’s content were used (metadata RDFA, schema.org structured data), while particular emphasis was given for the creation of unique, customer-friendly content: thoroughly described supplied services, blog posts, infographics, slide-presentations etc.
The doctors managed to contact with their audience in a less doctoral tone via the website’s blog, thus allowing the improvement of user signals (time increase in webpage, bounce rate reduction) and the creation of social signals.
Through SEO the online visibility of the clinic was increased, taking advantage of relative, seasonal searches offering the careful and complete opinion of an expert. Indicative blog themes: What should the public watch out for when offered low-cost injective treatments, like botox , which surgical interventions are suitable to be done before summer, Angelina Jolie’s move to create awareness regarding preventive mastectomy etc.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM): The icing on the cake of success

Having already occupied the top spots in the searched keywords that our customers were interested in, the use of Google AdWords was the next step, for obtaining additional above-the-fold promotion at Google’s search results page, and mostly for keyword and market research purposes.

The dynamic of Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) / Search Engine Marketing ( SEM )

The eCommerce department has been blooming in our country, as businesses are looking for more productive ways of projection of their services. What is perceptual is that the dynamic of SEO / SEM, and digital marketing in total, exceeds any expectation for a modern business. With a right strategy, adjusted to the needs of every business, and right use of online tools, anyone can take advantage of this dynamic. It’s our pleasure to support traditional and innovative businesses in their efforts, bringing tangible, countable results. This award, from the E-volution awards 2016 SEO Award, has been an honorable recognition of our success in what we do with such efficiency and love.