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Digital Marketing – Addressing your true target group

Google’s Display Network and YouTube give way for new, customized marketing strategies.

Google’s Display Network and YouTube give way for new, customized marketing strategies that are low in costs and amazing at reaching their target. But what are the real benefits of a simple text or banner ad over a beautifully shot television commercial?

Well, a TV commercial is impressive, effective, but also highly expensive. Apart from all the money that needs to be invested in the mere production of a professional spot, you will spend another stash of Euros just to buy time slots. And then, you still don’t know, if these potential customers will actually see your spot.

Digital Marketing – Addressing your true target group

The Internet is based on different logic. Today’s search engines provide us with the tools we need in order to define, trace and single out the desired target group. Complex algorithms have been developed in order to maneuver through the vast mass of data available. They don’t just filter out the relevant information for the user, but also calculate patterns of the users’ browsing habits.

Therefore, we know what keywords people use in order to find what they are looking for. Even better, we know what keywords people use with the mere purpose of finding information on the one hand, or in order to actually engage in a sales process on the other hand. Thus, on GDN, we can launch specific sales or awareness campaigns and make sure, that the right ad will get to the right person.

Google Display Ads – A few words with measurable effects

Choose from the following possibilities to advertise on GDN:

Basic text ad
The text ad is designed to display the most crucial information. It consists of a headline, a description, a display URL and a destination URL.

Display ad
Display ads are visually enhanced, giving you the possibility to combine a specific image with your logo or your brand colors

In order to create a visually enhanced ad and in order to see how your ad is performing, GDN also offers two additional tools.

The Display Ad Builder
With the display ad builder Google offers a wide range of banners that can be customized to your demands.

Ad statistics
With Ad statistics we can keep track of how your campaign progresses. We constantly observe the developments and adjust your ad based upon the data we extract from Google.

Visual Marketing on Youtube

You want video? Then don’t miss out and present your business on Youtube, the biggest entertainment portal in the world. 300 hours of video are being uploaded every minute. More than a billion people in 75 countries watch them. Half of the users play the videos on their mobile devices. Now think of all the aforementioned and the tremendous advertisement potential right here.

Example: You are a travel agent and sell flights online. You potential customer wants to watch videos about the Greek islands. His query triggers a number of keywords that are linked to your Youtube campaign. In this case, your ad comes up before the actual video runs. If the user doesn’t want to see it, he can skip it and you don’t pay a cent.

Again, the huge advantage is the strong semantic connection between your ad and the information requested by the user. He receives information that is actually of value for him – and he gets it either at home on his computer or anywhere on his cell phone or tablet.

There are various possibilities to launch your ad on Youtube:

1. Video ads

TrueView InSearch ad

With this format, we let your ad appear as a regular search result. You pay only, if the user actually clicks.

TrueView InDisplay ad

Your ad will be displayed next to the Youtube video, as an impresseoin on a Youtube video page, or on Google Display Network. Again, you will not be charged, if the user doesn’t view the ad.

TrueView InStream ad

Your ad appears before or in between a video. The user can skip it after 5 seconds. In this case, you don’t pay and create brand awareness for free. You will be charged only, if your ad runs all the way or for at least 30 seconds.

2. InVideo text ads

With this format, you use an existing video in which your ad appears in the lower part of the video frame. This way, you use images that semantically fit your product and create awareness or call to action with a regular text – just like on GDN.

3. Display ads

Same goes for Display ads. We can display your ad on the bottom of the player, or in a 300×250 space to the right of it.

iTrust – We can make it happen

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