Krannich Solar

Success Story

Clean energy for a Green Planet

Krannich Solar is one of the leading companies of the so called solar revolution. With 22 branches in 15 countries it is one of the five biggest distributors of photovoltaic systems in Europe.


PV experts

The Story

The Challenge

With the rush of the photovoltaic systems in Greece Krannich Solar found itself in the front lines of the market.

That was the time when the urgent need for an expert IT department was most apparent. The ERP system used at the time was far from flexible and hard to adapt to the increasing rise of the sales. Then the second branch of the company in Athens forced this situation into a more complicated state.

The Goal

Rigid changes had to be made to the ERP system, which was replaced with a more adaptive and flexible program that also incorporated a CRM software for the after sales service.

The branch in Athens got connected with the one in Thessaloniki, reducing the internal telephony costs through a VoIP application and making communication between branches fast and flexible. We are proud that some of the technologies that were at first implemented in the Greek branches of Krannich Solar were later adopted by the whole Krannich Solar group.

Their Success

Through our limitless support and cooperation we have rightfully taken the place of a valuable IT consultant, constantly behind the company in every need that pops up. Among our new projects lies a new online marketing strategy for promoting Krannich Solar in the Cypriot, Bulgarian and Turkish market.