My Lingo Trip

my lingo trip

My Lingo Trip, Your Passport to Success

My Lingo Trip is an online language learning academy for learners wishing to learn a new language live via Skype with native trainers. My Lingo Trip has a presence in Germany, Austria and France, and in its aim to expand its activity in more countries across Europe has turned to iTrust.

My Lingo Trip

A new language, a lot more opportunities

Linguaphiles, gather around

With the brand already enjoying a strong presence in France, Germany and Austria, My Lingo Trip sought to reach out to new audiences thirsty for language learning, whether that was due to a career change, country relocation or just as a self-growth ambition.

We’re going live in 3,2,1

Unlike similar services, My Lingo Trip stands out because it doesn’t offer one-size-fits-all pre-made video courses but rather live one-to-one Video Tutoring with native speakers of the language of your choice. This makes for a truly personalized learning experience that addresses the true needs of the user and adjust as her learning progresses.

For My Lingo Trip we’re implementing a 360° strategy that focuses on Search, Display and Social advertising so as to capture the audience across all micro-moments of the customer funnel; whether they’re searching for a language video learning service on their mobile, or whether they’ve recently moved to Germany and seek to learn the local language immediately.



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