O.A.E.D – G.D.E.E Apprenticeship Program

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The OAED – GDEE Apprenticeship program through the strategic help of iTrust implemented its project awareness campaign on social media. iTrust provided a social media strategy to support the organization’s branding awareness goals through social media. Through tailored insights, the organization improved visibility and interest for its apprenticeship program helping students enter the modern marketplace, master essential practical skills, and earn must-have qualifications.


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Where education and the modern marketplace intertwine

The OAED Apprenticeship (Μαθητεία Ο.Α.Ε.Δ -ΓΔΕΕ) offers high school students apprenticeships in local businesses in theoretical and technical education. Apprentices through the OAED Apprenticeship project help students improve their skills in real-life work environments, taking the vital step from theoretical classroom knowledge to hands-on learning. The Career Training Offices are the touch-point for students wishing to scale their professional skills through apprenticeships in local businesses.


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