Creating engaging content on Social Media

Not sure how to promote your Facebook page? Here are some tips we think they might be useful!


  • Use photos to encourage discussions but at the same time offer solutions to a problem
  • Use large images preferably
  • Use catchy images


  • Use your fans’ content as opposed to yours – when possible
  • Ask users to share comments/ thoughts on a product/service – What do they think?
  • Keep content updated
  • Compliment your fans (i.e.:  fan of the week)
  • Do not use long posts
  • Tag your fans in posts or when replying to them – make it more personal

Use of hashtags to gain reach – Follow trends

  • Use categorized terms
  • Use common terms
  • Create awareness and engagement
  • Create dialogue and visibility

Cross-promote via all tools (twitter, LinkedIn. Google+) as well as on your company’s website, however…

  • Post according to the best time/day/ frequency

Interact with the audience by replying to posts but… make sure that you

  • Reply relatively fast
  • Are engaging enough
  • NEVER delete a negative comment – instead, start a dialogue!

Create competitions and use a clear call to action

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  • Vote
  • Get your free something/anything
  • Join us
  • RSVP
  • Like us!

Tell us which is your favorite tactic? Or share with us your favorite example!