Internet marketing services for the Fashion World!

When internet marketing services by met ANEL

ANEL fashion is one of the leading fashion brands in Greece with a huge heritage in both retail and wholesale sector. ANEL’s clothes are unique, stylish, very fashionable and affordable to all! was tasked to assist ANEL with everything that has to do with the online world, which covers all aspects of internet marketing services, from website optimization to social media management.

Internet marketing solutions tailored for ANEL

In order to achieve that, we initially performed a complete reconstruction of the website, enabling it to reflect the brands perception and image: “Fresh & Young”. We added many attractive features to it, making it more user friendly and at the same time by promoting ANEL’s values and clothes. We focused mainly on the products emphasizing on three main elements: great design, high quality and low price. In addition to that, we assisted in promoting ANEL’s clothes as well as the wholesale distribution channel with what we are known to be best at… our “white hat SEO” tactics! Finally we ensure, day-by-day, that communication with consumers remains at the top of our list therefore we are very careful with the social media management. We encourage conversations and we promote ANEL’s products but most importantly, we listen to the customers!

Successful businesses as a result of our work!

ANEL is an amazing company to work with. Passionate people with set goals and ambitions coupled perfectly with the values and ethos of ANEL is a client that is always open to suggestions but at the same time challenging us when needed. At we love and look after our clients, especially those that make us want to become better and better. At we value those relationships and we try our best to maintain and grow them.

You can have a look at ANEL’s website here but there is more to come! ANEL will launch soon its brand new e-Shop, built completely by so stay tuned!