Presenting Softone’s ERP software for commercial applications

Basic CMYK

The ERP software of Softone is the only Greek information system that unifies in a complete system ERP functions such as payroll, personnel management, C.R.M., business processes and quality insurance. Softone’s applications, thanks to their inspired design, create a work environment with disarming simplicity. The operations are already known to the users and are shared in the different projects. With a crystal clear logic in the windows, the processes and the operations, the way of the function elaboration becomes apparent and results to a quick completion, without unnecessary repetitions and confusion.

Here are some of the general benefits and characteristics:

  • It provides innovation in all aspects: from the design and support, to the section titles and interface, and from the function speed to the reclaim of the internet
  • It functions as a complete ready-to-run information system, accelerating significantly the function startup
  • Functions as an open business platform. It can be customized and be transformed in an exclusive solution
  • It offers a full list of selection unities and its modern design makes these unities function in any combination or on their own
  • Offers a vast ability of customization whilst the basic settings for it to function remain simpler than a retail DOS program
  • The operation and navigation training time does not exceed 20 minutes, while the operator produces 250% more work in equal time, or equal work in 60% less time, in comparison with any competition system
  • It is designed and developed solely by Greek scientists but is installed in all Eastern Europe and Mediterranean (multilingual and localized)
  • It can function under Oracle or SQL Server or 10g XE or SQL 2005 Express (and with all together) It’s independent of whatever database. It takes advantage of the abilities Oracle, SQL Server, 10g XE and SQL 2005 Express, ensuring the fastest communication