9+1 Pivotal SEO Trends to Watch in 2024

If you’re reading this, you’re probably someone working on building a website’s organic visibility. And if that’s the case, then the top question on your mind is probably this:

“How does Google decide what content ranks and what doesn’t?

Some will tell you that SERPs are a crapshoot.

Others will claim to know the intimate, inner workings of the algorithm – and will probably try to sell you a $1,990 course.

And then there’s those somewhere in the middle, the ones who’ve turned wrestling with the search engine algorithm into a proper career:

The Search Engine Optimization professionals – us.

Over the years, Google has gradually become more willing to share information and guidance with webmasters and SEOs. What the algorithm looks to reward or punish, content types and tactics, quality content guidelines, machine learning and AI – all these things are now more transparent than ever.

But as Google has been rolling out one update after the other in rapid-fire mode, there’s one constant in the world of SEO: the wealth of misinformation, discrepancies, and conflicting or generic advice online.

In fact, with new AI developments and Google SGE just around the corner, the speculation circuit runs more rampant than ever, leaving marketers and businesses confused.

So, in an attempt to clarify what the future of SEO holds in place for 2024, we’ll go through 9+1 of the most important SEO trends to watch in 2024.

Whether you’re a SEO, a digital marketer, a business owner, or simply someone who wants to see their website rank, these are the things that are definitely worth to keep an eye on:

1. Despite what some say, SEO is most definitely not dead

You’ve heard it before: SEO is dead, outdated, deceased, expired. A dying industry.

Well, let’s put that immediately to rest;

As long as search engines exist (and help people make money), SEO will never die.

Yes, the playing field does change, and so do the rules of engagement. As Google adjusts to the onslaught of AI-generated content, brands might end up losing organic traffic despite their best efforts. As results become increasingly personalized and content-specific, the SEO strategies that work may, too, change and evolve accordingly.

Yes, webmasters, content creators and SEOs will have to change gears and adapt to a new reality. To a degree, at least. Authentic and helpful content will still rank near the top of SERPs, and, for better or worse, copycat SEO will remain viable.

Yes, SEO will change in 2024. The same way it has changed in 2023, 2022, 2021, and pretty much every year since SERPs became a thing and people started to make their websites rank high.

But dead, SEO is most definitely not.

2. Google SGE and AI innovations will dominate the field

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is the talk of the town right now, and for good reason. It’s a huge shift in the evolution of SERPs, one that will allow many users to find what they’re looking for directly from the search results page. This, of course, could mean decreased traffic for conventional informational websites.

And then, of course, there the subject of AI-generated content. From small businesses looking to level the playing field to bigger companies trying to pull off SEO heists, AI-generated content is everywhere.

So what are SEOs to do?

Adapt, of course.

In essence, the fusion of Google’s SGE with AI advancements means that SEO in 2024 is not just about keyword optimization but about genuinely valuable content with which users can resonate and engage meaningfully and distinctly.

Moreover, Google’s latest updates emphasize factors like Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T). As AI becomes more sophisticated in discerning these qualities, businesses, SEOs, and content writers must focus on creating content that demonstrates expertise and reliability to stay ahead.

3. Content marketers & SEOs will have to level up their game

After the disruption AI brought to content creation, the bar for effective, meaningful content is already higher than ever. Content marketers and SEOs will have to level up their game in many ways, not the least of which is search intent.

In 2024, aligning content with user search intent is rapidly becoming more pivotal than ever in SEO strategies. This shift marks a move away from traditional keyword-centric approaches, focusing instead on what users are truly seeking.

Google often highlights content that best satisfies search intent in featured snippets and rich results. Search intent can be categorized mainly into informational, navigational, transactional, or commercial investigation. By analyzing these intents, marketers can tailor their content to meet the exact needs of their audience.

Of course, different search intents require different kinds of content. For informational queries, detailed guides and how-to articles are effective. Navigational searches require clear, easily accessible information about a company or product, while transactional and commercial investigation searches call for persuasive, benefits-focused content.

By prioritizing content that satisfies search intent, marketers can significantly improve SEO performance and set their websites apart from the ocean of generic AI-generated content that the internet is slowly turning into.

Last but not least among the tools SEOs will have to utilize more in 2024 is Schema markup. While not directly a ranking factor, Schema makes it easier for Google to analyze content and determine whether it’s helpful and fits search intent – which, of course, makes quality content rank easier and faster.

4. Emotional intelligence will be the next gamechanger in content

As we already mentioned, AI-generated SEO content is already flooding the internet. Entry barriers are practically non-existent, the tools are there for everyone to use, and droves of marketers are out there using AI to pump mediocre content thousands of times faster than before.

For many businesses, that’s a grim image that’s got them shaking in their boots. Content was their competitive advantage. Now that anyone and their mother can create content in seconds, how are they going to stand out from the ever-increasing competition?

As it turns out, however, AI-generated content is often bland, repetitive, generic, and unfocused. It might sound like a platitude, but in this case AI really can’t replace the human touch. (Not in 2024, at least!)

To trump the overabundance of AI-generated content, marketers will have to invest in using emotional intelligence to obtain an intimate understanding of the customers’ needs, wants, and problems. That human touch is what will often prove to make all the difference in inspiring trust and winning audiences over.

5. The rise of Google SGE will change the way SEO success is measured

Google SGE’s integration within the SERPs is going to change SEO in more than one way. Users are expected to often find what they’re looking for directly on the result pages and not go on to visit individual websites – and that means that the way SEO success is measured will have to evolve.

The relevance of traditional metrics like rankings and click-through rates is subsequently going to take a hit in favor of more results-oriented metrics, like conversion rates, lead generation, and overall brand visibility.

Still, the incorporation of generative AI into user experience is still in its relatively early stages. This means that 2024 will be marked as a year full of uncertainty, experimentation, learning, and adaptation.

6. SERP-focused content won’t be able to cut it anymore

One thing’s for sure; SERP-focused content that’s written to appease the algorithm rather than provide value to the user is on its last legs. SEO checklists and tactics like generating backlinks and optimizing headers for keywords won’t be enough anymore.

Instead of focusing on ranking factors, many marketers will return to their roots, so to speak; traditional marketing principles will start playing a more important role in SEO content. High-impact content will have to add value and cater to its audience’s needs, incorporate storytelling elements, be authentic, and speak from the heart.

7. First-hand experiences and thought leadership will be more important than ever

As low-quality AI content creates apprehension and distrust among audiences, the importance of thought leadership and authenticity will become even greater. Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines and Helpful Content Update (HCU) are a testament to that. Brands will seek to team up and collaborate with thought and industry leaders to beef up their E-E-A-T signals, but also to add a layer of originality and credibility to their content strategy.

That strategy will also incorporate increasingly more multichannel elements, as brands will turn to webinars, podcasts, original studies, social media, and other channels. That way, they will be able to create ecosystems and experiences that inspire trust and breed originality, rather than content the competition can easily replicate.

8. Niche keywords and manual research will often prove to be the deciding factor

In 2024, effective content will have to be well-researched content. In-depth manual research will be key to tap trending or zero-volume keywords that AI-generated content hasn’t yet gotten around to covering.

What’s more, hands-on research can often unearth specific, often unaddressed needs of the audience. A treasure trove of research information for such cases can be found by tracking niche questions and subjects from sources like People Also Ask, Reddit, and even TikTok.

9. Adopting a multiplatform search strategy will prove to be essential

In 2024, AI’s evolving role in SEO will enhance user intent understanding, content creation, and personalized searches. Diverse perspectives are already becoming a must-have, and success hinges on deeply understanding audience needs for semantic search.

Google’s primacy in searches wanes, influenced by platforms like TikTok and YouTube trends – so much so that there’s marketers that firmly believe TikTok is on its way to becoming a search engine of sorts all on its own. And while you can take that with a pinch of salt, it’s true that a multiplatform search strategy will become vital for success in 2024.

Understanding how users search on each platform and their journey is key. This knowledge will help craft specific search strategies for different platforms and interaction points.

+1. Rapid Google updates will call for adaptability and flexibility in SEO strategies

In 2024, the pace of Google updates is expected to accelerate even more than it did in 2023’s Q4, calling for a more adaptable and flexible approach to SEO strategies. That means that keeping up with these rapid changes will be key to maintaining search relevance and effectiveness. Businesses will need to stay alert and responsive, constantly updating their SEO tactics to align with the latest algorithmic shifts.

This dynamic environment, in turn, calls for a proactive stance in SEO management. Staying ahead in the search ranking will require an emphasis on continuous learning, experimentation, and quick implementation of new techniques. In a SERP ecosystem where change is the only constant, embracing this fluidity in SEO practices will be crucial for digital success.

Key takeaways: What does the future of SEO hold in 2024?

In conclusion, the landscape of SEO in 2024 is characterized by rapid evolution, necessitating a dynamic and adaptable approach. The key takeaways from this post include:

  • SEO’s Resilience: Contrary to popular belief, SEO is far from dead. Its importance persists as long as search engines remain integral to digital marketing. While the strategies may evolve with changing algorithms and the rise of AI-generated content, the core objective of creating authentic and useful content remains unchanged.
  • Influence of Google SGE and AI: The emergence of Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) and advancements in AI have shifted the focus towards creating content that is not just keyword-optimized but also deeply engaging and valuable to users. Emphasis on Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T) is paramount, now more than ever.
  • Elevating Content Standards: With AI reshaping content creation, content marketers and SEOs must rise to the challenge by aligning their strategies with user search intent. Differentiating high-quality, intent-focused content from the growing pool of AI-generated material is crucial.
  • Emotional Intelligence in Content: As AI-generated content floods the market, the human element, particularly emotional intelligence, becomes a critical differentiator. Understanding and addressing customer emotions and needs is key to creating impactful content.
  • Changing SEO Metrics: The rise of Google SGE will lead to a shift in how SEO success is measured, with a greater focus on conversion rates, lead generation, and brand visibility over traditional metrics like rankings and click-through rates.
  • Beyond SERP-focused Content: The era of content created solely for SERP performance is ending. High-impact, authentic content that adds value and resonates with audiences is becoming the new norm.
  • Value of Authenticity and Leadership: In a market saturated with low-quality AI content, the importance of thought leadership and first-hand experiences is amplified. Authenticity and credibility will play a significant role in content strategy.
  • Importance of Niche Keywords and Research: Manual, in-depth research to uncover niche keywords and specific audience needs will be a decisive factor in content effectiveness.
  • Multiplatform Search Strategies: Diversifying search strategies across different platforms, including emerging ones like TikTok, is essential to tap into varied user behaviors and preferences.
  • Adaptability to Google Updates: The anticipated acceleration in Google updates in 2024 demands flexibility and adaptability in SEO strategies. Continuous learning and quick implementation of new techniques will be key to maintaining relevance and effectiveness.

In essence, SEO in 2024 is about embracing change, focusing on genuine value, and leveraging both technological advancements and human insights to create content that truly resonates with audiences.

True to our roots of innovation, technical excellence and loyalty to our clients, at iTrust we’re already at the forefront of that change. As an SEO agency, our mission remains to combine tried-and-true, hands-on approaches with the latest tools and tactics. That way, we can always deliver exceptional results that not only meet but exceed the evolving demands of the digital landscape.

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