Sponsoring the 4th Export Summit

Being in the field of business development for international & export companies with the help of digital strategy, we were informed about the conference, organised by the Greek International Business Association (SEVE), in Thessaloniki, on the 15th of June. As it is a particularly interesting event, related to our field of business activity, we decided to support it, by sponsoring the 4th Export Summit Thessaloniki, regarding “Country and Corporate Branding: Enhancing Extroversion”. 

The Keynote speaker of the summit will be Dr. Nicolas Papadopoulos, Chancellor’s Professor of Marketing and International Business at Sprott School of Business, in Carleton University, Ottawa.

Sponsoring the 4th export Summit Thessaloniki

There will also be panels with spokespeople of successful international companies, in the likes of Google, Bosch, General Electric HealthCare, BASF and XEROX, as well as CEOs of successful Greek export companies (Dodoni, Chipita, Cocomat, Gerovasileiou Estates, Voulis Chemicals, Gaea Products S.A.).

The Export Summits are of the most renowned and recognized conference events regarding export activities and business growth. It’s been a great pleasure for us to be able to help the whole effort, by sponsoring the 4th Export Summit Thessaloniki.

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