Web Architecture meets Real World Architecture

We are known for creating amazing digital worlds… Well, it was about time we joined forces with the company that is known for creating amazing real worlds!

Mavvidis + Partners” is one of the most well-known Constructing Companies in Greece. We are glad that we had the opportunity to work together with one of the leading Company’s of the Constructing world! The company’s Projects always reflect their visions, their brand new approach to Building Design, Steel Constructions, Interior Design and everything else that a Constructing Company would undertake.

Working with a group of dedicated architects can only be of assistance to you. Their sense of aesthetics surely sets high standards and that can only push you a little further! It took us a week more or less to create a website that, along with the presentation of the Company and its Services, presents its Portfolio in a beautiful while simultaneously very effective way. The new website also enables user subscription to the Company’s Newsletter and according to its CEO, Alexandros Mavvidis, “mirrors the company’s profile and strengthens their online presense”.

Check it out now!

Mavvidis + Partners