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Instashop: Beat the queue, grab your smartphone

Instashop is an online grocery app serving consumers across Dubai. The smartphone app prioritizes convenience and service excellence for its clients who can get their groceries delivered in under 60 minutes.

Turning a time-consuming, boring process into a pleasant, fast online experience was the ultimate challenge Instashop sought to overcome for thousands of consumers in the wider Dubai region. The mission simple: help stay-at-home mums, executives and everyone else in between save time and get more time doings things they love.

Our partnership with Instashop aimed at increasing mobile app installs.


is a Greek startup company founded by Gianni Tsiori (CEO) and Ioanna Aggelidaki (CMO)

Bread, milk, free time!

Instashop made its debut in the online grocery shopping sector in 2015. Already competitors owned a large portion of the Market share with loyal customers and impressive top-of-mind awareness.

Following an exhaustive analysis of the market, the target audience and industry trends we focused our digital strategy on Search Engine Marketing to support Instashop in its goals of increasing mobile installs across iOs and Android devices.

The Goal

App Installs & Market Share Increase for Instashop

Instashop sought to increase awareness among expats living and working in Dubai.

Hard to beat advantages such as saving time, offering flexibility of when, where and how to order groceries, the PPC campaigns we set up rested on major micro-moments of our target audience:

I want to learn 

Targeting users that are not loyal to any other online grocery service/app and users that are aware of said service being available online.

I want to buy

Targeting savvy digital users, frequent online shoppers and users that are using similar online services.

Upon meeting its goals of increasing mobile app installs and by extension its active users pool, the startup would then focus on user retention and customer loyalty nurturing both of which are made possible through laser-focused, personalized ads.


Google Adwords

Google Display Network & YouTube Advertising


Increase Mobile App Installs on  iOS, Android

Today, Instashop has more than 70,000 active users that serves through a  robust network of local supermarkets and supermarket chains of over 70 physical stores.