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Rethinking snacking

Here at iTrust we love food and although we find it hard to resist fast food, it’s a relief to know that brands like PANINI offer an alternative, one that’s wholesome yet delicious. Imagine thus our excitement for collaborating with Panini Foods for their digital marketing needs.

Healthy Food

for a healthy brain

The Story

Eating is always a good idea

iTrust teamed up with Panini Foods to establish its new voice in the FMCG industry through its top quality sandwiches, pastries and savory snacks for the entire family. An end-to-end digital strategy is in the works to help Panini build brand awareness and boost business development through more B2B partnerships across the country. It’ll surely be a hearty journey.


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Build Brand Awareness
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Their Success

Running Projects

iTrust is launching an integrated strategy with social media advertising being front and center. Content marketing and social media marketing will boost brand visibility and create top-of-mind-awareness with a ripple effect on its wholesale network.