MC Medical Center


Beautiful at Every Age

At the forefront of MC Medical Center’s philosophy, lies on thing; offer first-class medical services with the utmost care. 

In view of the ever-growing competition in the sector and the focus of the Healthcare industry to the digital ecosystem, MC knew that it was time to amp up its digital presence so as to maintain and further grow its market share. 

MC Medical Center

A 360° Digital Strategy To Increase Leads & Market Share

A Digital Health & Beauty Hub: Just for you

MC Medical Center turned to iTrust in view of our proven experience in the Medical & Beauty industries.  

The MC Medical Center specializes in medical and cosmetic services offering exceptional customer service through personalized care.

With a focus on innovation, quality of services and professionalism, MC Medical Center has managed through word-of-mouth and standardized marketing campaigns to attract a loyal audience that’s always keen to come back. 

With an award-winning legacy with clients such as Beethoven Klinik, Pantheon Aesthetic, Dr Papaioannou and Figura Clinic among other customers, MC’s stakeholders reached out with the goal of finding a data-driven partner capable of creating a feasible, 360° Strategy that realizes its business goals.

The Goal

Increase Search Visibility, Lead Generation & Market Share

Through a meticulously planned digital strategy, iTrust would first need to overcome obstacles that impede the implementation of MCMC’s marketing campaigns.  

Once these obstacles were dealt with, our marketing team was able to implement a 360° Digital Strategy that surpasses the client’s expectations. 


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