Distinction at Social Media Awards 2016

On November 8th the ceremony of the Social Media Awards 2016 took place, at the House of Social Media Awards, in Athens. In our inaugural participation, our agency and ISOMAT were nominated with 2 awards in the categories “Best Use of Social Media for a Corporate Brand/Supplier” and “Best Corporate Blog” for the implemented social media strategy, as well as the strategy and implementation of the corporate blog.

In the top greek social media awards – held for the 4th consecutive year by Boussias Communications – were nominated the most innovative and effective social media actions of brands and agencies for 2016.

ISOMAT is a Greek multinational company of building chemicals & mortars, maintaining an exports activity in more than 50 countries worldwide. Our cooperation with ISOMAT is long lasting, dating back to 2008, working on the full digital spectrum of the brand’s presence. The results of digital actions have been surpassing every expected goal, year over year.

The secret of the company’s success? The fact that ISOMAT understood the benefits & opportunities of using social media and Content Marketing for expanding its network and brand presence.

Social Media Awards 2016: A social strategy with the user in mind

For 2016, one of the main goals for ISOMAT was capitalizing on social media and its Corporate Blog to further develop a meaningful bond with its end users and professionals. Users’ online searches have been constantly growing, regarding solutions, suggestions and tips on product application & techniques and – with the radical adoption of social media – this trend is ever increasing.

So, we developed and implemented a complete content strategy, which focused on the users’ needs. Part of this strategy also was the targeted promotion of unique content in Social Media, the moment they’re most likely to consume it.

Through the production of explanatory videos, product application guides and informational blog posts, the multinational company made clear the motto that moved its entire Digital strategy: Every micro-moment counts.

The fitting channel for each micro-moment

The abundant, useful & unique content ISOMAT produced offered the brand a new dynamic and opened the way for even bigger possibilities. Through social media, ISOMAT catered to its clients’ everyday needs in a friendlier, less professional/technical tone. The end result: Social media becoming the main source of information in moments of needs for the end users, as well as ISOMAT’s opportunity to develop a strong bond between its’ clients and the brand.

Social Media Awards 2016: Recognition of success

It’s a great honour for us supporting companies that set clear goals on their growth & expansion and understanding the value that their actions can bring. Being nominated these 2 awards at Socail Media Awards 2016 is an honorary recognition of our quality of service, the trust we receive from our clients and – last but not least – serves as an additional motivation for even bigger distinctions in the future.

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