E-VOLUTION AWARDS 2018: Another Distinction for iTrust Digital

For three consecutive years we participate in e-volution awards and get awarded!

On Friday 8th 2017, the granting ceremony of e-volution awards was held for the 7th year in a row by Boussias Communications. Greek companies belonging to the fields of e-commerce and entrepreneurship were awarded for their effectiveness, innovation and the best digital marketing strategies they applied.

SILVER E-volution Award 2018 | SEO Digital Strategy

Distinction for the Holistic SEO strategy of MC Medical Center

We are more than proud of our cooperation with one of the top medical clinics in Greece. MC Medical Center is based in Athens and provides medical and cosmetic surgery services of high technical know-how. The services provided cover the full spectrum of aesthetic medicine, ranging from therapies for face and body to dermatology, venereology and plastic surgery services.

In a high competitive market like that of medical services and aesthetics, MC Medical Center wanted to stand out from its competitors.

The goal was to increase the organic traffic and qualified leads throughout a strategic complicity of Paid & Organic acts.

The Data-driven SEO strategy skyrockets the visibility in SERPs

The SEO strategy we applied to the MC Medical Center case offered extra value to each user by informing them about each service. We followed a holistic strategy, focusing on the upper-level funnel where there is high search volume.

And we did it!

e-volution awards 2018 achievements

Online Medical Journey: Being by the patient’s side in every micro-moment

Applying an innovative SEO strategy that focused on awareness & consideration of the medical customer-funnel, instead of the lower, more competitive levels we managed to surpass our initial goals.

During the first six months of 2017 we increased organic traffic of mcmc.gr by 463,83% with organic visibility reaching growth of 800%.

At the same time we reached an increase of online qualified leads by 104.15% that stemmed from the online forms.

After the first six months of our cooperation we also increased MC Medical Center’s Market Share in Organic Results by 592% overcoming any expectation we possibly had.

SEO was the most important channel of continuous traffic inflow and call leads, 61.1% of whom resulted from the organic SERPs.

Be Present | The key to success

Content Marketing

The audience of health field has unique features. It is an audience interested in highly sensitive issues and long form, detailed online journey. This includes the initial search of side effects, the comparison of possible therapies and medical centers as well as questions in forums and review check or equivalent cases.

The users that make these types of searches belong to the upper levels of the customer funnel.

Through a strong organic presence in the first stages of searching online and well-documented content we would effortlessly lead the user to the next lead-heavy stages of the funnel.

Matching user intent & landing page experience

By using SEM we gathered significant and actionable insights on user-intent (long-tail search terms for services) and brand perception of the clinic (branded search terms report, “mcmc reviews”).

According to this data it was obvious that the vast majority of the people interested in medical services of the clinic search for the side effects and the ways of diagnosis. Similarly, in cosmetic services the users focus on results, on the exact application of the service, on reviews and costs.

With these in mind we proceeded in a detailed keyword mapping of the pages so that every webpage reflected and satisfied every user intent.

We created and optimized webpages of medical services focusing on the side effects and the diagnosis of the condition. We enriched pages with thin content that didn’t provide the user with meaningful and useful information and pages that had a high bounce rate and low Session duration.

With the use of Enterprise SEO tools like SearchMetrics we received important information regarding the content’s target audience and optimization.

At the same time we limited keyword stuffing of the main keyword based on quantitative factors of competitor analysis. Thus, boosting the quality of the content in technical terms.

With the readjustment of the content we maximized organic visibility of MC Medical Center by taking advantage of LSI keywords and targeting topics instead of sole keywords in every page (semantic SEO).

Internal Linking Optimization

After analyzing and pinpointing the strongest pages in terms of citation flow, we kept on by optimizing internal linking.

We turned the pages with high authority into information hubs with a powerful internal linking structure, always having the user experience in mind. The idea was to improve the user experience and effortlessly lead them to the next level of the customer funnel until they reach the last one, that is, contacting via phone or the online forms.

Successful SEO strategy= the road to the top

It is widely known that more and more companies seek the help of digital agencies in order to improve their brand’s visibility and to showcase their products or services more efficiently.

And with good reason!

In iTrust we have proved that we can skyrocket our clients’ presence and we take pride in this!

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