4+1 Email Marketing Trends In 2018 That Will Rule Your Inbox

4+1 Email Marketing Trends In 2018 That Will Rule Your Inbox

We are living in an Advertising cataclysm kind of age, from products and services in the digital world. This means that if a message should catch the attention of the potential customer, it needs to include something valuable.

We receive Email Offers from different kinds of companies daily, depending on our interests, the message of which we usually ignore, thinking that “It’s just a typical ad”. Why do we tend to think that? Potential Customers tend to be viewing the advertisements but not in a quite active way. They only give the proper attention only when the timing is right (a.k.a. Micro Moments, also mentioned by Google).

However, what makes an Email differ from the rest? What plays the most important role regarding the Interest Attraction of the potential customers?

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing

-Tom Fishburne

Email Marketing Trends 2018: The Hottest Trends This Year

1. Hyper-Personalization

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Customization means adaptation to the values of each customer separately, depending on their unique customs and interests. While on 2018, by simply putting the First Name of the recipient at the beginning of an Email Content, doesn’t count as an Email Marketing success. To make the potential customers feel that the Email they may be receiving has a value to them, it takes a lot more. By using real-time data, by segmenting the potential customers and by creating a dynamic content in the newsletters, the companies can get successful in Email Marketing in 2018.

2. Mobile-Oriented & Responsive Design

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Regarding results by StatCounter, most people nowadays use more their mobile devices than their desktop. The allocation of the worldwide users of devices show that mobile users come with a 51.2% rate, computer users come with a 44.66% rate, and the lowest seat take the tablet users with just 4.14%. Following a fade-in route, mobile use has brought many changes to the Email Marketing scene. More and more companies send newsletters with mobile-friendly content. Regardless, another important factor about your Email Strategy Success is how responsive your newsletter content is, helping that way with the adaptation of their presence in different mobile devices.Email Marketing Trends 2018 - 3

3. Customer-based Content Data

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We cannot be talking about Email Marketing without not referring to the changes that GDPR has brought to our everyday lives. From the customers’ view, their personal data is being protected better now. From the companies’ view, Email lists are more reliable as in Results. From now on, only customers that are truly interested in receiving specific newsletters sign up to those. With their own consent, they can now increase the Newsletter Engagement Rate actively.

4. Minimalized Message, Not Unnecessary Content

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“Less Is More” is a trend that is also penetrating in the Email Marketing scenery. Customers make more conscious purchases. Considering that, they prefer a clear and simple message to an overweight-by-information Email.

The Email Subject is the End and the Beginning considering the attraction of the potential customer. The message of the Email has to be as clear as possible.

5. All-Time Email Marketing Tips, Still Effective In 2018

  • Use Dynamic Content, focusing on the recipients’ demographics, such as the age. Also, their interests are such as important.
  • Create an audience that cares about your products or/and services that you are promoting. Avoid mass sending of Emails to a very broad and general audience.
  • Make sure that you’ve got something to tell. This is an easily-avoidable rule, but we tend to rush to see results, and this is a mistake.

Email Marketing Trends 2018 - 66

Studying the Email Marketing Trends of 2018, you could realize how can anyone find interesting facts about it. This doesn’t’ mean though that every company is obliged to follow all the important tips that are out on the market.

The goal for every company is to find the points that express them, adding value to the customers. Customizing a message is very important to keep the interest of a customer.

Email Marketing is a necessary part of a successful Digital presence of a company. At our digital marketing agency, we apply the best ways and through constant experimentation, we insert new ways and strategies in order to maximize the efficiency of each Email campaign.

For more information regarding email marketing and how this can support a holistic strategy of your company, don’t hesitate to ask and contact us.


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