Shopping on Instagram: How to update your business’ social presence (New Feature)

Instagram is the most trending Social Media Platform. It is currently hosting more than 800 million users worldwide. It is clear that it greatly impacts the social media world and will continue to do so in 2018. Recently, we can see that its reputation is increasingly rising, comparing to the progress of other Social Media Platforms. Shopping On Instagram is its latest addition.

Shopping On Instagram Out Now!

But what’s all that fuss about this fancy, new feature on Instagram that has gained so much attention? For those who spend part of their day on other Social Media Platforms, such as Facebook, they are no strangers with the “Product Tagging” feature.


It is clear that such feature was missing from the popular follow-oriented platform, considering that Instagram is currently the #1 medium that users spend most of their “online” time.

Product Tagging, as a tool for Social Media Marketing, is a direct way for someone to convert Social Engagement into Website Traffic and Sales. The capability of direct promotion of the features and price of their products, as well as the capability of easy access to these products, is something that has been missing from Instagram.

“Now you can easily design your Instagram landing page to match the look and feel of your store.”

– Erika Jolly Brookes, CMO, Springbot


From now on you can easily check the product prices through Instagram pictures. You just need to scroll down on a landing page without the need of visiting the given website! This cool feature not only helps users/consumers but Digital Advertisers as well. The first ones (the users) save up time and are offered a much smoother, seamless experience, the whole purchasing process becomes a lot easier. The second ones (the digital advertisers) now have a brand new communication channel, through which they can interact with their target audience.


3 Tips to be successful using Shopping On Instagram

These are the most important baby steps a Digital Marketer has to follow:

  1. Let your customers know about the new feature on Instagram
  2. Add Product Tags on previous posts that you have posted as an e-business
  3. Track your results through Analytics with the support of the Instagram Settings


Shopping On Instagram is about to bring impressive results to advertisers. In fact, based on recent studies, 62% of the Millenials, a.k.a. Generation X, has stated that the moment a brand communicates with them on any social platform, it is most likely they trust this product and become loyal customers. Considering that Instagram is the most popular Social medium right now, Shopping On Instagram could work wonders for any business of any potential!

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