Getting our hair back


KMAX Milano is a groundbreaking solution for dealing with hair loss. With millions of men and women reaping its benefits across the globe, KMAX uses top-class micro-fibers to add density and volume in hair.

KMAX Milano is distributed in Greece through

The latter turned to our agency for its ecommerce needs and for a digital activation campaign that among other things included the digital launch of an influencer campaign with TV presenter, Christo Ferentino, aptly titled, #tamalliapiso.

Your hair is 90% of your selfie

Conversion Rate Triples Right After Website Redesign

Sorry, can’t hear you over the volume of my hair

In January 2018. KMAX’s  new, sleek, responsive website goes live.

Based on UX/UI best practices and the latest design & CRO trends, the brand triples its conversion rate in a matter of weeks post-launch. immediately sets out a 360 digital awareness campaign across Google and Social media with primary goals achieving targeted impressions and increasing online B2C sales.

Within six weeks, daily revenue gets a 5x increase.

Increasing market share

KMAx didn’t stop in its laurels. The potential to grow its market share in Greece was prominent that’s why it brought out the big guns.

With our guidance, launches a multi-channel campaign that includes TV ads and of course, YouTube and social campaigns for maximizing reach and impressions.

While TV ads airing during Prime Time served to offer widespread reach, campaigns on Google and Social media offered highly targeted awareness from KMAX’s potential clients.


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